Frisco #1 Davenport 44T

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  1. Oldguy

    Oldguy Member Supporter

    On the back it reads: Frisco No. 1, Diesel, Springfield MO, Jan 17, 1948. Arthur B. Johnson

    Frisco #1 Springfield MO 1-17-1948 by Arthur Johnson (2).jpg
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  2. FriscoCharlie

    FriscoCharlie Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Whoa! I love it!

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  3. yardmaster

    yardmaster Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Is that the North Yards roundhouse in the background?

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  4. gbmott

    gbmott Member

    Wonderful photo, Bob -- thanks for sharing it. I didn't realize that #1 had originally been blue-and-white though if I had thought about when it was built it makes sense. I love the partial steam locomotive pilot between the footboards. Also, I don't recall seeing "Lines" being included as part of the coonskin. Later it was to be seen in Fort Smith from time to time while assigned, I think, to Fayetteville/Bentonville Branch. I'm trying to attach a photo from 1958 in Fort Smith, but keep getting " . . . Error #2038" when I try to upload it.

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  5. Oldguy

    Oldguy Member Supporter

    I love it when I can find stuff like this for less than $2. ;)
  6. gbmott

    gbmott Member

    Now I am able to attach the photo that I was trying to include in my post a month or so ago. It is Fort Smith 7-57 and a rare occasion when both #1 and #2 were present at the same time.

    . SLSF 1 - Ft. Smith 7-57.jpg

  7. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    Gordon, do you have a photographer name to attribute to the photo? Just wanting to attach to the image that I have saved.
  8. gbmott

    gbmott Member


    It was probably me though it could have been Louis Marre. I think we were both there and unless I'm mistaken we also took 35mm slides and Lou would have been more likely to have been taking them. Anyway, it was one or the other of us.

  9. Larry F.

    Larry F. Member

    Has anyone tried the new procedure of 3-D printed parts? I'm after a model of the Whitcomb or Davenport 44tonners to complete my roster and from what I've read this might be a viable option. Thanks Larry F.
  10. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Those are really cool looking locos. What chassis would the shell fit onto? If I could add an appropriate sound decoder I would like one as well. Maybe Shapeways?
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  11. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Both of the photos are great, but I REALLY like that pic of #1 in the blue/white scheme!

    Thanks to both of you for sharing!
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  12. Brad Slone

    Brad Slone Member Supporter

    One can be scratchbuilt, but it's not for the faint of heart. I think the description of how I made mine is on here somewhere, you can use the trucks from a Bachmann 44 tonner, but pretty much everything else you have to come up with on your own. If your willing to settle for a Whitcomb (#3 I believe), Overland imported one years ago, they can be found from time to time on the usual secondary brass venues.

    Brad Slone
  13. Larry F.

    Larry F. Member

    Brad-I thought about scratch building-the body wouldn't be that much of a problem but what would defeat me would be all those little oval vents along the hood. As near as I can tell there's no difference between a Whitcomb or Davenport and I have checked the used brass market-hah, good luck with that. You would really think that Bachman would follow up with their GE 44tonner and offer a Whitcomb as I think most carriers had at least one. It was just a thought about the 3D printing-oh well. Larry F.
  14. Jim James

    Jim James Staff Member Staff Member

    Perhaps somebody with a 3D printer could whip up the body and truck side frames then we could use a NWSL power truck or something similar. These things are so cool looking and would great for a small switching layout. I wonder if there is a 3D printing "service" for small run items?
  15. Coonskin

    Coonskin Member

    Yup, they're cool little switchers. One in HO scale would be the bomb. It's so itty-bitty it would be tough to fit in DCC and sound/speaker: Whizkid to the rescue!
  16. Joe Lovett

    Joe Lovett Member

    Jim, I went to Google and looked up 3D printers. There were several companies that provide low production quantity runs. However I didn't get into prices. Anyone who is interested might want to check into it and start a whole new thread on the subject.

  17. Brad Slone

    Brad Slone Member Supporter


    As for myself, I found it to be rather challenging. The problem with the body is not just the ovals and there are a lot of them, but also all the curves and rounded corners on the hood. Other than detail parts, I would have to say everything else was built from scratch.

    As far as the differences between Davenports (1-2) and the Whitcomb (3) they are slight but noticeable. The hoods on the Davenports had a plain grill while the Whitcomb had a vertical style with the WHITCOMB spelled out. The handrail arrangement was different between the two, but that changed on both through their lifetimes. The other major difference was in the steps, the Davenports had kind of a stirrup type steps, while the Whitcomb had a substantial cast type.

    I did see a Whitcomb on Brass Trains a few months ago, I don't recall the price. But you are right they rarely come up, good luck whichever direction you choose to go.

  18. klrwhizkid

    klrwhizkid Administrator Staff Member Administrator Supporter

    It could be done; the current Bachmann GE 44 ton switcher is a nice installation.
  19. Brad Slone

    Brad Slone Member Supporter

    It wouldn't be easy but installing a decoder in one could be done, sound might be whole other story. I actually built in a cavity under the cab floor of the Davenport I built that was just big enough for a small decoder of I ever got a wild hair.

  20. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

    TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020) Passed Away July 15, 2020 Supporter

    This photo is also in Marre's Frisco Diesel Power with accompanying info attributed to Arthur Johnson. FYI.

    Tom G.

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