Freelanced Frisco Passenger Depot in KC?

Discussion in 'Freelance' started by yardmaster, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Folks -
    As I progress on my little ol' Northern Division/KC Terminal pike, I've been thinking ahead to what would/wouldn't fit in my land grant.

    For my era, I'm eager to include some vestige of Frisco passenger movements; seeing the modeling done by Ken McElreath with some of his heavyweight cars makes me think that Frisco passenger power is a must.

    I've considered either representing a track or two of Kansas City Union Station, or having this in a staging area. Even a selectively compressed KCUS is out.

    One alternative that involves prototype freelancing would be to model a modernized/Friscoized Kansas City Union Depot. I remember reading about Chuck Hitchcock's old Argentine layout and how he modeled a smaller depot to stand in for KCUS.

    While I have typically eschewed any part of freelance modeling of the Frisco, I'm open to considering this as an achievable way to include a passenger terminal that could - if designed well - provide some fun switching variety.

    Pros? Cons?

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    Great Idea Chris.
    How about making a newer freelance/upgrade station. With a good photo of KCUS done in a few layers giving a 3-D effect. That would show the correct image as a backdrop, but give a reason for a smaller upgraded station. Just a thought.

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