Four Aces at Clinton, MO, Feb 5, 1950

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    This photograph which shows Frisco 4-6-0, 1111, Alco(Schenectady) Class of 1907, at Clinton, MO.
    The photograph, which was taken by R. L. Cooper has this caption:

    “Photo L to R
    Harold Henre, Sec & Treas KCC NRHS with Dave Hartzler local SL-SF Agent, Clinton, MO

    (Given their attire, perhaps the names of these men are reversed)
    Engine #1111, Train #20 is shown at the Clinton, MO station. Passenger train (is) backing to main line from depot (1 mile)
    (I believe the caption is in error; this is train 21)
    Fan trip from KC to Clinton.”

    By Feb 1950, the Frisco had dieselized much of its operation, but the Clinton Sub, aka, The Highline, was still under steam. Several Bolsheviks were handling freight and on occasion the 2-10-0's handled 20 & 21. Photogaphic evidence shows that several of the 1100-class and the 182-class handled the Highline's passenger trains. Between February and July 1950 the Redbirds would arrive, and trains 20 and 21 were dieselized soon thereafter.

    I sent a copy of the photo with its caption to the KCC-NRHS Historian, and requested information about the fan trip to Clinton. To date, I have not received a reply. I suspect that folks knew that the handwriting was on the wall, and the local NRHS chapter wanted one last ride under steam on the Highline.

    What would you pay for ticket to ride to Clinton under steam today?

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    Harold Henre had the LARGEST private collection of Official Guides known to man!
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    Great photo and information Karl! Sadly I can only imagine watching steam back away from the depot in Clinton but these pics sure help.

    To answer your question... a lot. I'd pay a lot. :)
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    Superb steam photo from an angle that one doesn't see too often.

    The wheel stops are an interesting detail.

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