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    Tom, since you are operating a DC layout a couple of questions come to mind...How are you able to operate the rotary beacon/gyralite/headlights on just the leader while the trailing engines are still providing power??? How are you able to turn them on individually??? Also how are you able to make the lights/beacons/gyralites on trailing engines remain off??? When I was using DC power & I MU'd a couple of engines all of the lights came on but this was back in Athearn blue box days...Roger
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    Hi Roger
    The units with rotary beacons have either one way operable lights or micro slide switches in the cab to turn the lights off and on. Some units have the step lights on all the time, and the switch for headlights and beacon.
    I use Richmond Controls light kits. He has really good grya and mars lights as well as the beacons.
    Good questions

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