Floydada-Oklahoma City 4-6-2s

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    How many 4-6-2s used on passenger trains that ran between Floydada, Texas and Oklahoma City OK where the passenger trains to be taken over by 4-8-2s for the OKC-STL run.
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    It depends upon the time frame, but in general, through the 30’s and 40’s...

    The Frisco operated one local passenger train, each way, daily between OKC and Quanah. During the latter days of steam (1940’s), it was handled by one of the little ten-hundreds, one of the 700-class, 4-6-0’s, or similar. For a time (late 30’s), the local was handled by a Bull Moose. At Quanah, a Q&AP passenger train, powered by a ten-wheeler or one of the 182-class 4-4-0’s would handle the run to Floydada. To travel between OKC and Floydada by rail required two days, and two trains. To travel from St Louis to Floydada would require at least 3 trains. Frisco 437/Q&AP 51 and Frisco 430/Q&AP 52 were scheduled to allow interchange of local traffic, but were not run-through freight trains. Running so called transcontinental traffic over the Q&AP was not a very efficient route.

    Q&AP ETT Number 45 ( My Collection) shows Frisco number 403 and number 404 and Q&AP number 1 and number 2 at Quanah. An overnight layover was required to when connecting from 403 to number 1 and from number 2 to to number 404.
    Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 6.26.44 AM.png

    Q&AP ETT 45’s Bridge Class table, railroad Load Limits, railroad Tonnage Ratings
    Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 6.27.31 AM.png
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