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    Sperry began testing rails as a commercial enterprise on November14, 1928 while on the Wabash RR. The July 1933 FEM makes note that by this time the Frisco had started using this new technology to look for transverse fissures on its own lines.


    By the late 70’s according to several annual reports, the Frisco tested about 4500 miles per year.

    During July 1973, SRS #125 paid a visit to the Kansas City Sub. On July 28,1973, it would work south from Paola to Fort Scott as train ID, POFT-70728. The extensive list of 10 MPH slow orders are the result of the previous days’ work. TO F29 shows how badly the East Main had deteriorated.

    SRS #125 was built by SRS-Brooklyn, June 1937, from LV #26. It was converted from its Winton 106A, 220-HP gasoline engine to a Cummins 330-HP diesel, direct drive during 1958.

    Detected transverse fissures, badly split heads, and engine burn fractures, marked with red painted, and they were protected with angle bars and slow orders until they were changed-out. Other types of fractures were marked with yellow paint. If the fracture was located in the joint area, it received light blue paint.

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    Very good report Karl, I followed the detector car from Pierce City to Wichita about 1976. I think it was about that lines first trip. We had so many slow orders, that the Roadmaster shut down the car to fix them. As rightly so he about flipped out. He told me on a Friday, that we would work 12 hours a day Saturday and Sunday. So I drove all night to get home clean my clothes and get some money. It was about a 5 hour drive from Springfield to Wichita, Got in just about time to go to work. The foreman told me he changed his mind and would only pay a call for Saturday. A stinking two hours and forty minutes. Well I flipped out so I got paid. We must of had Tom out their cause the crews really squeeled.
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    F70 and F75 look way too familiar!

    Long day ahead for those boys.

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