Equipment transition era?

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    A transition era I just started thinking about that I've never seen discussed before: How did the railroads handle transitioning between the old link and pin (I think thats the term) type couplers to the knuckle couplers that are still in use?
    Also, how did they handle going from all hand brakes to all air brakes?
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    The early knuckles had slots in them that could accept a link n' pin.


    Air cars were handled in front of non-air cars so as to keep all the air brake equipped cars together.

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  3. Was that when you first signed on with the railroad Andre?

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    You gotta have a "Way back Machine" to find out when Andre marked up. He did not just have a few whiskers, he had whisker like was on the floor of a barbershop. :)
    I have a link from the RGS that was found in Telluride. Pretty cool stuff!
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