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    Please see the following link for a view of SLSF SW-9 313.


    The locomotives are working Lindenwood Yard. Coupled to SLSF 313 is SLSF 310. Both locomotives are painted in the yellow and black paint scheme with simplified striping pattern. The 313 has even lost all of its sill stripes in front of the cab.

    Some details of note in this view include the front headlight with a blanked lower lamp lens, the front multiple unit (MU) drop step in the upright position, pilot foot boards, the "Save Fuel" sticker on the side sill above the fuel filler and the folded canvas shade above the left cab window.

    On the cab roof details include the amber beacon lamp, a whip type antenna and former induction radio loop antenna mounts (the vertical Y shaped brackets). This type antenna had a vertical large dinner plate size disk that was mounted in the brackets.

    The second locomotive, SLSF 310, has a "nail" type radio antenna, amber beacon lamp and blanked rear headlight lower lamp lens. Just visible on the far right of the photo is an all weather enclosure over the engineer's window.

    The photograph is dated 11/5/1976.

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    For you trivia buffs, and nothing whatsoever to do with the Frisco. Q: What was Donald Duck's auto license plate number? Answer: 313! :D


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