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    Please see this action photograph shot of SD-45 943 and sister near Prattville, OK.


    The photo caption indicates the train is a west bound freight under the US Highway 97 (aka US Highway 51 or West 113th Avenue) bridge on the north side of Prattville, OK. The photo is dated 8/27/1980.

    The train is on the Perry Subdivision in route to Enid. The highway overpass in the background bridge number 431.5. The engines are very near the Frisco station Shirk, MP Z 432.00. In addition to crossing over the railroad, the bridge crosses the Arkansas River to the north as the highway enters Sand Springs, OK. The train is just 7 miles outside Cherokee Yard at West Tulsa. Very inspirational, hail the good old days!

    Hope this helps!


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    OUTSTANDING SHOT! I love it! Thats my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing.
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    Heres what the place looked like in October. Sorry for the BNSF train. It got in the way and ruined a good shot

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    Love the variety of the SD-45s (my favorite diesel) - no gyralite but an L-shaped engineer's window on this one.

    Thanks, Mark...

    Best Regards,

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