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Discussion in 'New Products' started by klrwhizkid, Jun 1, 2019.

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    There are two sets of A-B F3's offered. Both will get you an ABBA. Also offering a single F3A. To get an extra F3A, you need to buy SLSF 5010. Then, with an F3AB set, you can have a ABA set. But, remember, these F3's came to the SLSF as ABBA sets. The Alco FA A&B's came to the SLSF as ABA sets.
    Just FYI.

    ps - Sure wish they would do a F7 ABBA set, with an extra F9B as an add on. All in b/y of course.
  2. Yes well if possible (more pricey this time aound) am going for ABBA. But may just have to settle for ABA. It happened occaisonally. Have an upcoming trip to Hawaii to scatter my Mothers ashes so have to watch my budget that may result in an AB only, but that would be better than none at all for me.

    Was thinking of a shot i saw once of FA and 2 F3Bs once so had FA leading the 3 unit lash up on brain at the time even though was ABB.

    The F7 ABBA with the F9B would be incredible and $$$. Maybe in the near future hopefully.
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    Much as I love F-units, I'm going to pass. Pass out from sticker shock, that is.
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  4. I'm thought the same thing when i saw the annoucement. I had bought some MKT (204 set) Fs several years ago and were a bit pricey even then and without sound even. Wanted to get the 4 WP "Fab 4" F7As but havent yet. Saw them all the time as grew up near WP and SP mainlines in California.
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    I bought an Athearn Genesis F3 #5010 several years ago, one without sound. I think sellers were unloading the models without sound, so I got that for a good price and was able to convert it to sound with a pre-Tsunami Soudtraxx board. It was expensive (I thought), but much less than sound-equipped models. The current price listed is quite a bit higher. I realize the prices listed are MSRP; what will street prices be?
  6. Well i had considered buying used ones but may end up with someones nightmare units that look great but that don't run so great.

    As for street prices who knows at this point. Would be nice if they were a little lower than what they are asking. I am sure they (Athearn) are making a killing and they could honestly be less. Markup really bites the consumer but great for the manufacturer, businesses being as they are. They still could have offered these Frisco units with new road numbers though for those that already have them, or perhaps old ones and new ones to satisfy both sides of the fence.
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  7. I chose option A and ordered two Frisco F3 AB sets with sound so will have a complete ABBA set. For around $1120 its not too bad all told if you average it at about $280 per unit or $560 per AB pair. There are more pricey models than that out there !

    Also in the heat of the moment (maybe more like a temporary insanity moment perhaps) i splurged and decided to go with getting an ABBA set of the Katy red F3s as well.

    I can live with it and the near $2400 price tag. Its a good investment and will be nice to see them rolling around the layout, perhaps even running all 8 together once in a one time only good deal lashup situation just for the fun of it.

    8 F units normally lashed together not to common, unless your modeling the CGW and then could do 8 or 10 F unit lashups in a consist as a norm. (I am also a CGW fan)
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  8. Changing the numbers would not be too bad on those. If someone really needed to run several at once.
  9. Yes i missed the initial run several years ago as was not modeling Frisco then so the # on units are not an issue for me. Could be changed easily for others versus missing out on another run for how many years?
    But i also felt compelled to get the Katy units as well as i also model MKT as well.

    I pretty much model Oklahoma during the time when the Frisco, ATSF, MKT and Rock Island were still independent and operating around the Oklahoma City area.

    However i sneak in some SP and WP in from my nearness to them in California (as well as other foreign road units) until i left the state 40 years ago while on active duty for 22 years with the USAF only returning for a 7 year period before relocating to Oklahoma and remaining here upon retiring from active duty in 2001.
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  10. Of course I should and in fact will compose a real letter, versus an email, to Athearn (not that it may or will do any good) that as i have committed around $2400 to their business for my recent Frisco and MKT F3s, as many others have committed $$$$ for as well, that I and many others would be committing more $$$$ if some Frisco F7 and F9 ABBA set (obviously with the only two F9AMs) were produced.

    I would spend without question another $2400 for a Frisco F7 and F9 ABBA set.

    Perhaps, although highly unlikely, a hand written letter from many may spur them on into considering or doing so. I know if i received a hand written letter from someone saying that they had spent $2400 on my product already and would drop another $2400 on other product it would get me a little more motivated into possibly producing more product considering the amount of money that would be spent on the product by many.

    So to all that read this perhaps an honest to goodness real letter/snail mail writing campaign may have a little more push if anything. It wont hurt other than perhaps getting writers cramp after not having wrote a real letter versus email letter in god knows how long. I am going to give it a shot. What the heck there is nothing to lose in doing so.

    And food for thought. Easy to delete emails without reading. Easy with real letters too, just throw away without opening, but perhaps not as likely and maybe more effective than email. I would be amazed that someone actually took the time to write a real letter for a change in the age of e mail and consider it more important than an e mail, more so if several or many did. But thats just me and not perhaps the corporate cold fish that would read the real letter.

    And hey, bombard Athearn with e mails as well. Like Andy did in the Shawshank Redemption (yes fictional but has happened in reality i am sure), maybe they will get tired of the bombarding and give in.

    Arlo Guthrie probably never thought that Alices Restaurant would become what it did but he made it anyway, so give it a shot. Nothing to lose but may be a gain.
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    My first car, which was a 1964 Ford Fairlane, and which was four years old at the time cost me $750.00. Go figure.

  12. Yes but the 2019 equivalent of $750 in 1968 would be about $5520 as of today. In 1968 dollars the Frisco AB set would have been about $76 and $152 for an ABBA set. I am sure that would have been a lot to many in 1968 as it is to us in 2019 as was the $750 for the 64 Fairlane to you. Nice car for 1964. Surviving 64 Fairlane 2 door Sports coupes (and some 4 door versions) in good or better condition can fetch about $35-45000 right now. I would love to have a 2 door one. Only reason i know is have a friend thats really into Ford Fairlanes and Galaxies and see them at car shows on occaison. Anyway sorry for digressing to cars.
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    I knew somebody would run the numbers. That said, even in the present day I would sooner buy a four-year old used car for $5500 than a model locomotive for $500. At least then I could get to the hobby shop (if I could find one) to complain.

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  14. Well was just curious as to what difference was between 1968 $$ and 2019 $$ not that is important really.

    Yes only one model railroad hobby shop left in OKC area versus the 5 or 6 that used to be. Internet sales probably responsible for that happening everywhere. Nicer to be able to get a hands on look sometimes.

    4 year old used car for my daughter was about $12000 in April, $5500 for it would have been nicer ! $6500 for more locomotives and trains.

    Had some mad money left over and splurged for Frisco and Katy F3 ABBA sets even though should have just went with one but what the heck you only live once.

    Maybe should have went for a 64 Ford Fairlane 2 door sport coupe instead but wouldnt have had enough mad money left over for that. Oh well

    F3 sets easier and cheaper to obtain and maintain than 64 Fairlane and wont need insurance etc.

    Intermountain F units are very nice as well and also fairly pricey but i procured one ATSF F3 ABBA passenger set with sound for Chief trains a few months back. I was curious as had never had IM Fs before and wanted some. They are excellent and sound is fantastic and would rate them equal or better to Athearn Genesis units honestly and will get more of them as i can.
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    I just yesterday put sound decoder's in two F units I had. They are KCS though. I'm going to mix them in with other consists. I have been wanting a Passenger or Business train, with 3 or 4 cars. I have plenty of cars, but keeping them running good is challenging. Most of my Mainline is 30" or better. The speakers came from Keith, he makes great stuff.
  16. What scheme are the KCS F's in ? KCS had nice colors for their units including the executive F units. I need to add some KCS units to layout at some point as KCS runs through a part of eastern Oklahoma. If you have a pic to share of them that would be nice. I have MKT (older Athearn Genesis run) F3 ABA set #204 with original scheme that i want to add sound to if possible, that will be a future project though. I also have a Cotton Belt Genesis F shell in SP Daylight scheme i need to get a chassis for as well and it will be in a consist as a foreign road unit. My covered wagons are going to outnumber my hood units before long so going to have to edge away from getting to many more. Only non EMD covered wagons are a Rock Island FA/FB ABA Proto2000 non sound set, the A unit is #145. All 3 have TCS decoders.
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    Hi Gary!

    I'm not interested or I wouldn't have shared the link. :LOL:

    SO, I won't be biddin' against 'ya.

    There's only 8 hrs to go and still no bids... so you might snag 'em on the cheap.

    If you decide to go for 'em Gary... best of luck to 'ya!

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    Athearn's website indicates the new F3's are now in stock. I don't see any online pushers offering them yet, but I would expect within a week or two we'll see units shipping out to those that ordered them.
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