Diesel Servicing in Kansas City

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    Where did the Frisco service diesels in Kansas City in 1980? Did this occur in the 19th Street yard or closer to the Glen Park area?
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    Diesel servicing occurred at the 19th Street Yard.
    In general 19th Street was the inbound yard and Rosedale was the outbound yard. Crews would board their power and caboose at 19th Street, and then head to Rosedale, where they would couple to their train and head south. The Frisco and one other RR( I forget which) were the only ones to service their own psgr equipment. Everybody else used the KCT for this. The Frisco maintained a coach yd and servicing facilities at 19th Street.
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    Engine Facilities- KC 19th Street Yd

    The engine facility in KC was a modest affair. Considering that during the heyday of steam, two turntables and two roundhouses at 19th Street were used to to handle the needs of the Frisco motive power.

    A single-track engine house was used to handle light repairs, and two service tracks were adequate to handle the fueling and sanding needs of the diesel units.

    This photo taken, during the winter of 1973-1974, shows SD-45, 920, and an unknown SW-9. The view is to the south. A turntable was extant at this time and is off-camera to the right.

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    Great picture. Reminded me of my days as a Hosteler,and helper. At Mopac Settegast shop in Houston Texas. Only our shop was a little bigger. But I do remember being fascinated when we would get some Frisco power on loan. I was hooked on their oscilating headlights. Sure miss the Frisco. Wish it had come to Houston Texas.
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    The Frisco did make it to Houston. During the Yoakum Era, 1896 to 1916, the Frisco operated the Gulf Coast Lines, which were later acquired by the MP, which are now UP. There is a reminder that the Frisco came to Houston. Frisco Street may be found near Belt Jct.

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