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    I'm posting this inquiry in hopes someone has the B & B records showing the ownership of the depot in Valley Center Kansas and the depot in Medora Kansas. The one in Valley Center was on the diamond with the ATSF and I have heard from numerous sources different accounts about which road owned and built this depot. The depot in Burrton was jointly owned and operated with the ATSF and it sat on the diamond there so I thought mabye that was the case here.

    The depot in Medora was on the diamond and was shared with the CRIP. Again, different opinions have been told on who actually built this depot and which road owned it. Any and all information would be great.

    As a side note, I have found early maps with different dates showing a connection with the ATSF in Valley Center, but according to the Official Railway Equipment Registers I have, no connection existed in the 50's or 60's. Anyone have any earlier ORER's that show a connection existed in earlier times? Or any other information that would help out? Thank you.

    Dale Slechta
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    The Frisco utilized the CRI&P depot at Medora.

    The Frisco owned the depot at Valley Center which was built in 1886. There was a connection with the AT&SF at that location, and it was on the southwest "quadrant" of the crossing.

    The track chart is circa 1929-30. The B&B drawings were kept current at least through the early to mid 50's, and it could be assumed that the structures lasted at least until then.

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    Thanks Karl for that information. I keep running into Santa Fe folks that think the ATSF built everything close to their road. I was in Valley Center yesterday looking for signs of the connection but couldn't see any artifacts that suggested it existed. I spoke with a couple of fellows at the elevator and they told me they didn't believe there was a connecting track because the Lumber yard there was built at the end of WW2 and it crowds the right of way. They did say the depot had a fire and was demolished but the Railroad Station Historical Society has a Frisco depot from Valley Center being moved to Hillsboro Kansas and it is now a house. I'm going to take a drive and see if that is true or not.

    The city of Valley Center has some old maps and on them it shows a brick depot that belonged to the Santa Fe but it was at the diamond also on the same location. It is bad when the locals don't remember things. Their city street maps didn't show any connecting track either. Again, thanks for your information.

    Dale Slechta
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    Sorry to dig up an old topic! But even in 1905 there was no connection, probably because of traffic being handled at North Junction, Wichita. Here is a plat of Valley Center:

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