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    This photo of Fern Housewright and an unidentified baby was taken between the tracks and the Meramec River facing east. The tie yard is in the background, along with an antique baggage car, which was probably part of a work train. This is one of the few shots that I know of that depict any type train or rolling stock in Wesco.

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    I wished I would have done a better job scanning this one, but it's too late now, because I've already returned the albums to Mrs. Perkins. If you look closely, you can see the roof of a boxcar parked on the siding peeking above the Chevy truck with the bed rack. The Frisco spotted boxcars here for Floyd Charcoal and occasionally the Boston Farm until about 1975.

    I believe the Perkins' were having a family reunion, thus the reason for the number of cars parked along Santa Fe Street (yes, this road is called Santa Fe St). I like this photo mainly because of the diversity of automobiles seen in it. I wish that model companies produced replicas of common 60's automobiles like this, but instead they tend to stick with Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelle's, Cuda's and so on.

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    Sligo Furnace Company, Plat, 1908, (R1270)
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    This a blueprint plat (28 inches x 56 inches) of the Sligo Furnace Company plant at Sligo in Dent County, Missouri, showing the furnace, charcoal kilns, chemical plant, and tracks of the Sligo and Eastern Railroad, 1 February 1908. The plat also shows residences, shops, and other structures in the village along with associated streets and water mains.
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