Color collection of the Frisco 1950's

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    Thanks for the post. I didn't get sad, but felt happy that the photos were still available. I'm still smiling.


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    I got sad only because I am a die hard steam guy and to see the pride of the Frisco in that shape, tore me up. You could actually see that steamer crying as it was the last one in the roundhouse while it was being torn down around her.

    They never should have gotten rid of steam. NEVER!
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    You're OK in my book SABRR, no matter what the diesel lovers say.
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    Wow, great find on the pictures! I agree, it is sad to see the end of Frisco steam - especially the roundhouse getting torn down with a steamer still in it. However, it is a very nice collection of Frisco photos.

  6. The engines in the photos were in sad condition:(. But all isn't bad. Check out the numbers on the engines 1501 is in Rolla,MO(saved) and 4501 is in Dallas(also saved). Just be glad they weren't scrapped that moment. Frisco kept them in such same for a while then luckily preserved them. Its looks bad now but it is just one more step in their lives.:) I'm a big steam fan too. Just wish Frisco preserved them as operating engines lol.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins

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