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    Dale, in my eyes, the plan looks pretty darn good! And all this time I figured that modeling a yard in this amount of space (even in N-Scale) was not too doable!

    I think your design was the first time I've realized that there were no runaround tracks in the area around the depot/MKT mainline! I compared to the schematic of Clinton that you posted earlier...

    ...I must say you've done a fine job of including most of the trackage in a shelf-sized space!

    I wonder if the lack of a runaround drove train crews crazy? From a modeler's standpoint, it looks to make operations that much more fun.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Your plan looks dandy and captures the feel of Clinton.

    The only recommendation I could offer if you have any space is to put the MKT to work for you (the Frisco). Add a couple of industries on the south end to simulate the KCCS industries serviced with trackage rights over the Katy tracks.

    Neat way to put the Katy track to work without adding a bunch of foreign road staging, trains or trackage. You could also simulate the train order paperwork required that permitted the Frisco to use the MKT tracks.

    Either way, I sure hope to having the opportunity to operate on your railroad once the layout is operational. I can just see those new SL-SF right of way signs now! After all they come in "n" scale also!

    Hope this helps.


  3. The Springfield-Greene Co. library's local history blog has an article dated April 8, 2010 about the end of passenger service on the High Line, aka the SLSF Clinton sub.

    The article contains a lot of "word-of-mouth history" which may not be verifiable, and the sources cited at the end suggest that the writer may not be aware that the "Leaky Roof" (KCC&S) and the "High Line" (KCO&S/SLSF Clinton sub) were separate lines. But it's good short read anyway.
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    It seems someone did write an article in one of the recent Model Railroad planning annuals put out by Kalmbach and the pictures in there showed the train being pulled by a Baldwin switcher.
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    Wow! I just read this again and caught this about the approach signal on the MKT. It's obvious now in the photo. My understanding is the MKT line was dark territory through this section of Missouri. Was this signal controlled by someone at the interlocking/crossing gate?
  6. dricketts

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    Makes sense. So these signals were simply for the operation of the interlocking and was no indication that the MKT line was CTC with signals up and down the main line?
  7. wmrx

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    That's correct. The sole purpose of these signals was to give an approaching train or engine information concerning the indication of the home signal at the interlocking.
  8. Donald Kaiser

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    A cpiple of photos of train #20 at North Clinton
    in the early 1950's

    Don Kaiser
    Clinton, Mo.

    #20 at North Clinton-5.jpg
    #20 at North Clinton-4.jpg
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    Looking southeast I presume. Wow Don those are some great photos! Where did you find those? Any photos of our SLSF on the Highline are hard to find.

    I noticed the semaphore signal in the first pic. Was the yard in Clinton protected by signaling or was this for the MKT crossing?
  10. Karl

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    Classic images, Don, thanks for posting them.
  11. Karl

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    The Clinton Sub was "dark"; it had no block signals. The semaphore depicted in the first image is the Nbd home signal at the interlocking plant. The plate on the mast had a large "A" on it which indicated that it was an ABSOLUTE signal or "Stop and Stay" ...Mar 1, 1946 Book of Rules, 288 & 663.
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    What was the consist of #20? Couple of head-end cars plus a coach?

  13. Karl

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    In this image, number 20 had not called on the depot at Clinton. After crossing the MKT, it would back down the depot lead. So, at this point it had a 4-door baggage-RPO(15'), perhaps 115 or 117 and a chair car. At the depot, number 20 would pickup a chicken car or two, and then proceed back up the depot lead, and thence on to KCUS.
  14. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    Terrific pictures! I was hoping we'd get to see some great Don Kaiser photos!

    Thanks, Tom
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    I sure thank you guys for posting all the information on the Clinton sub. I just wish I had done a lot more nosing around when I was traveling this territory.
  16. dricketts

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    I just realized the crossing gate with the duck under does not seem present. This should help give some additional clues of the dates for the photos.
  17. Karl

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    The better clues are the train itself and Whirlaway. The function of the interlocker was replaced by the gate not long after the train was discontinued on May 25, 1954. The Frisco received 2007 during February 1950, and it didn't receive the additional white striping until later that year. Whirlaway has a Leslie whistle which may have been placed as late as 1952. The trees are bare, so that places the time of year.
  18. dricketts

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    Great info Karl. Thanks. I guess it would be safe to say the semaphore signals were probably removed after the crossing gate was installed and the tower abandoned. There would not be a need for both.
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    Don K., these were a nice Friday treat - great action photos! Thanks very much for sharing.

    Best Regards,
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    Neat stuff, Don. Thank you for posting. Glad to see both you and your photos on here! You still working on your layout?

    Dale Rush
    Carthage, MO

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