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Discussion in 'General' started by Robleese, Dec 7, 2018.

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    2268E78F-1428-463F-A715-5CCF14D79817.jpeg 624D440E-964E-4858-B27D-D737E0080EE9.jpeg 69BC5DC8-FBCD-492A-9636-A0250D9A653A.jpeg 057AC523-B91E-48FE-BEED-C5FD2C956B6E.jpeg 5A3619A3-0676-444F-8C31-13AC9B356B46.jpeg If you do not get too close, they ain’t bad...
    The F7A is off-the-shelf Lionel.
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  2. gjslsffan

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    Those are some fine looking locomotives.
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  3. Nice job. They look good.
  4. Coonskin

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    NICE! Them boy's is big e'nuf to git down on the floor and go VROOOM! VROOM! with 'em!

    I like Lionel stuff... especially Postwar.

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    CCA099F3-190F-478C-A255-75E640B71C52.jpeg 365A6200-DB28-424B-B1A3-AF0010D85734.jpeg FC3DB897-3DCA-40D2-9A01-63BEE80E875B.jpeg 2691D4CC-410F-452A-8DC2-1211EE1F3DD6.jpeg These cars were bought undecorated. The decals were custom printed.
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    Pretty cool.
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    Nice work! They have a "massive" look!
    May I inquire as to the maker of the decals?
    I have some Lionel stuff I just may repaint?
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  9. Robleese

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    Highball Graphics printed these decals.
    I tried printing these myself but the results were not opaque enough to appear against the Pullman green...they practically disappeared. The attached .pdf file is the artwork I submitted to Highball, and they were able to work with it.

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