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    Please see the following links for photographs of Frisco caboose SLSF ???. (7/10/2009) (3/1983)

    This is one of the Frisco built steel under and upper frame cars with a wood cupola that has sloped sides and small end windows. The car has retained its original equipment, fittings and hardware, including the interior.

    The car was acquired by the Santa Maria Valley (SMV) Railroad. Santa Maria is on the Pacific coast, just north of Vandenberg Air Force Base, northwest of Los Angeles. On that line the car was renumbered to SMV 180. The car was subsequently retired by the railroad. It was later acquired by the Santa Maria Valley Railroad Historical Museum. Please see

    They have carefully restored the car to its original condition while on the SMV. This work occurred between December 2000 and October 2005. Be sure to check out in individual dates on the SMVRHM web site for additional photographs and details of the restoration work. Unfortunately, they do not currently know the prior Frisco car number. They are also seeking this piece of information.

    This is one of two Frisco cars of this type acquired by and used on the SMV. Unfortunately, the other car, SMV 190, was retired by the SMV, has been dismantled and scrapped. The original Frisco identity of this car is also unknown at this time.

    Anyone with additional information or photographs on either of these cars is encouraged to contribute to our collective knowledge base.

    The caboose has limited availability to the general public. When it is on display bu the museum, it is located next to the historic SMVRR freight depot at 676 S. McClelland St., Santa Maria, CA (corner of Jones and McClelland Streets in the downtown area). The car is currently stored at Engle & Gray, Inc., a local industrial supply and services contractor. They have a fenced property with railroad sidetrack.

    The car is located at 745 W. Betteravia Rd., Santa Maria, CA.

    Please see,13.51,,1,9.72.

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