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    Please see the following links for photographs of Frisco caboose SLSF 1700. (2/6/2007) (2/6/2007) (coonskin herald, 2/6/2007) (modified herald, 2/6/2007)

    This is a Frisco build caboose used for pool service. It was constructed during 2/1973 in the West Shops in Springfield, MO. The main car body was constructed from a former Pullman Standard PS-1 boxcar, SLSF 18479.

    The car had been painted in Frisco Mandarin orange and white, with coonskin herald but no reporting marks and number.

    The photographs show the car worse for the wear just after it had been used as a restaurant, Hinjose Burger & Taco Express. One end platform was modified to hold a refrigerator / freezer unit. The roof had been modified with a large ventilation unit. The north (shadow) side of the car formerly had an ordering and eating area with a frame and sheet metal overhand cover.

    The restaurant menu featured burgers and tacos. A local newspaper article indicated the former owner was Janie Hinojosa and daughter Elizabeth.

    New development, road and intersection construction in the area resulted in several physical and road name changes. As a result, the car was to sold and moved or destroyed. Anyone with information of the current status or location of this caboose is encouraged to add to the information on this post.

    The car was formerly located just east of I-35, Exit 220, on the northwest corner of Farm to Market (FM) Road 2001 (a/k/a Niederwald Strasse Rd) and Overpass Road. It was to the immediate east of a Speedy Shop convenience store and Shell brand gas station (a/k/a Park Place Foods).

    The last known address for this car was 5036 Overpass Rd., Buda, TX.

    Please see,359.6,,0,14.67.

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