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    Please see the following links for views of Frisco caboose SLSF 129. (A end, left side) (B end, left side detail with coonskin herald and reporting marks)

    In the first image through the side windows you can see the caboose interior light green paint color. The same photograph also shows the leaf spring caboose trucks well.

    Although starting to show its age and in need of some repair and paint the caboose appears to be in good overall shape. The original car siding is largely intact. This is a tribute to the skilled craftsmen who constructed the car.

    The caboose is located at Helldorado Town in Tombstone, AZ. This is a historical property area used for at least an annual community festival.

    The caboose location address is 339 South 4th Street.

    Hope this helps.


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    As the former owner of SLSF caboose 129, I thought I would post a photo of the car in service. This shot was taken in 1963 at Clinton, MO. I purchased this caboose in April, 1997 from Jim Stone, Webb City, MO. I was a resident of Joplin at the time. My career path changed and I found myself in Texas in 2002. This geographic change resulted in the sale of the caboose which was moved March, 2007 out to Tombstone, AZ. The car was purchased by Mr. Stone in early 1975 and it was moved over to Long Bell Lumber February 7, 1975. In early spring 1975, the car was rolled over and displayed at Mr. Stone's resturant, "The Rafters" where it remained for several years before being moved to Mr. Stone's residence in Webb City. The car had been taken out of service by SLSF after having been damaged while being moved light from Joplin to Carl Junction in October, 1974. The "A" end of the car was struck by an eastbound motorist while crossing Fir Road resulting in fatal injuries to the driver of the automobile. The car was built by Frisco in Springfield in the fall of 1946. The car was "modernized" in Kansas City in 1969 and renumbered 1129. The carsiding is original on the front and rear but the sides were replaced in 1975. Jeff Cooney, Lindsay, TX

  3. TAG1014 (Tom Galbraith RIP 7/15/2020)

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    In that "in service" photo, it looks like 129 is coupled to a baggage car--I wonder if it's on a "baby chick" train at Clinton??

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    Thank you.

    We all appreciate the information you have provided concerning the history of this caboose. Also, the in-service photograph is a great addition to the history of the car.

    Mike Condren's web site has an undated photo of the SLSF 1129 on a short piece of track in a parking lot. From your information we can deduce that this was after the car had been purchased by Mr. Stone and moved to the restaurant "The Rafters".

    It is great to be able to track how several of these cars has moved around and keep the chain of custody intact. Thank you again.

    Hope this helps.


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    Must be where I took this shot -

    Frisco Caboose 1129.jpg

    The slide is dated Sept 1980, but it could have been shot months earlier.

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    Heya Fella's

    I havent had a chance to be online in awhile as I am working one block over and one block up from this very caboose. I am in Tombstone Arizona portraying Virgil Earp in the gunfight at the OK Corral for approximately the next year. however, to stay on topic, I wanted to give an update on this very caboose that bears our beloved FRISCO. I was approached a few days ago by some members of the City Council of Tombstone about researching and putting together a railroad museum in the original depot. In Leu of looking for equipment from the 1880's I think it would be a safe bet to keep the SP Caboose and the FRISCO Caboose which needs and will probably get repairs done, on static display on either side of the depot (Currently being used as a library) so if this is acceptable, then we will build a period correct running layout inside the building. What I am looking for is resources of switch stands, train boards, lights, spikes, ok....EVERYTHING I CAN GET MY HANDS ON for the 1880s to place on display in the museum here. All I am asking from the members of this group is resources as to where I might find some of these items. I will have help of course as I am not an EXPERT on railroading, I may have a degree but it dont mean squat if you aint been out there and lived it, breathed it, researched it, and absorbed it. I am just honored they approached me with adding a bit of flare to their beloved hopes of having a proper museum, I am wondering however, since the FRISCO had intended on going from St Louis to San Francisco, could one of its stops potentially have been, TOMBSTONE ARIZONA?
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    Tombstone is a stop now; one of our cabooses is there...LOL
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    This pic was taken November 2015. The Arizona climate is really getting the best of 129. Sad to see.
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    I am now the proud owner of SL SF 129, a great Caboose. Frisco 129 is in Tombstone, the NE side of her is in great shape, the SW side exposed to the sun not so good. Inside great, I think all original, copper boiler ....,,
    Looking for data, any help apprec
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  10. klrwhizkid

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    Now that you are the owner, what are your intentions with our girl?
  11. Tombstone129

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    Hoping to turning her into a free Caboose tour in Tombstone. She is about 60 feet from original train station which is now a library.
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    Have someone guard all the windows if you ever get into a pool game in Tombstone. Or was that Morgan? They both got shot. Wyatt did a lot of shooting the day of the gunfight, but he didn't hit a thing. He did, however, live to tell his version of the story and sell it to Hollywood.
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    Hey Frisco 4503, this is a Tombstone129. I built Helldorado Town starting in 2000, and sold it to Dale who bought the 2 Cabooses in 2007. His timing not do good, I got the Cabooses from Dale and sold Helldorado again to current owners
  14. Tombstone129

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  15. PeteCinAZ

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    I’ve been watching the slow deterioration of SLSF 129 over the years, am glad to see it is now being restored. Pic dated March 2, 2019. And Helldorado Town is now Old Tombstone Western Town. Am curious, when was 129 renumbered from 1129 back to 129?

    SLSF #129 Tombstone 2019 Cook.jpg
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    It was originally 129, then renumbered to 1129 in 1969. When it left the Frisco, it was 1129.
  17. PeteCinAZ

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    Yes, but when was it renumbered back to 129 as it is now marked?

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