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    This is the 1st caboose to carry this number and was rebuilt from a Howe truss boxcar with side door and baggage compartment. Originally it was SLSF 157. It became the SLSF 1157 (1st) in 1968 when the railroad added 1000 to its caboose numbers when a new computer tracking system was installed.

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    Mark, I read your post. Please see this picture of 1157:
    Scroll down to see them all. If I can figure out how to upload a photo I can show you the finished exterior. Currently near Tulsa OK. Scheduled to go into Rt. 66 Village in Tulsa in the next four weeks or so. I worked this job mainly with one to three others. We're trying to obtain interior layout so we can restore it. Any suggestions?

    Here's 1157 in Sand Springs, prior to moving her to Route 66 Village in Tulsa, July 2011

    Bob Frisco1157

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    I am just wondering, are you ever going to put the freight side door back on #1157 caboose or the windows?
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