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    FYI, I recently bought a couple of good books on freight cars. Both paperback 8.5" x 11". Both from Amazon.

    "Freight Cars of the '40's and '50s", by Jeff Wilson, from Model Railroader (Kalmbach). This is a good book with good background information, not a lot of specifics. There is a chapter for each freight car type, with a good discussion of the car type. Also a good chapter on freight car trucks, explaining some of the basics. I like it. Lots of photos of freight cars, but alas, no Frisco examples. I think it cost me $12 or so from Amazon. It's well worth that, and will be a good read. 95 pages. Published in 1995.

    "Freight Car Handbook", by Stephen Priest, Railroad Model Crafstman (White River). I love this one - the Priest's have authored several really good railroad books. This book is in the same format as the book above, but is heavily populated with excellent scale diagrams of specific car types, also with brief discussions of the each. Our Frisco made the cut here - on page 16, diagrams of SLSF 34001 and SLSF 163523 are included. These are outside braced, 40ft boxcars which we are all familiar with. Built 1928-1930, the 34001 shows the car with its original wooden door, while 163523 is a rebuild with a metal door. If you like looking at detailed car diagrams, this one is for you. 99 pages. Cost was, I think, $22 as it is a new, 2018 book, and is available through an Amazon store.

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    Ken, you are absolutely correct about the Freight Car Handbook by Stephen Priest. He gave me a copy about three weeks ago while I was over at his house working on his layout. It is but a small compendium of all the information (including photos and diagrams) that he has acquired over the years.
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