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    I'm sure you will receive 100% support from all Frisco members as well as other modelers of the railroads that serve the Great Southwest. Despite the fact your product line will focus on the Golden Age of Railroading, the equipment will still serve all eras including the 21st Century, thus every model railroader can surely find use for your cars regardless of the era modeled!

    It must be remembered that many of the cars that roamed North American railroads continued to be rostered on railroads in MofW, work trains and used as storage buildings. Likewise, many carbodies were sold to farmers and ranchers for storage buildings as well, (some can still be found rotting away across the country), not to mention on display in museums and operating on tourist roads. Retired freight cars are seldom modeled on farms and ranches just as the old trolley and interurban bodies that were converted to roadside diners are not to be found on layouts either for the most part.

    I'm sure you will receive a million wish lists (mabie more) but I do hope in the future to see prototype correct stock cars produced for the Frisco, Katy, T&P, and other Southwestern lines, as they have been pretty well neglected for the most part other than some expensive imported brass models with no Frisco, Katy or T&P's to my knowledge.

    Needless to say, your new venture will most certainly fill a void in the model railroad bizz and should prove to be a great success just like the Hallmark brass models were when Bobbye Hall imported steam locomotives and cabooses for the Southwestern roads. They are still very much in demand for this reason.

    Lookin' forward to your website and shopping too of course!

    Good Luck Manny!

    Joe Toth

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    Thank you Joe, et all.

    First release is in a few weeks. Although not a Frisco item, it was undoubtedly seen on the Frisco. It will be a decal, which is for the National Tank Lines, Peerless Tank Line/National Carbonless Motor Oil/White Rose Gasoline. It will work on the LaBelle Tank Car kit, Silver Crash Resin 1880/1890 as a prototype. For anyone who is less concerned with prototype, It will work on any tank car, with the exception of the Roundhouse Old Timer's, which are too small. The decal will produce one tank car. However, on the decal there are four numbers available, and some extra builders plates. Four decals will make you a fleet of four of these handsome, long lost, billboard tank cars. The decals will be $5.50 each, and .50/shipping. I will have a formal announcement on the release.

    What's in the hopper:

    St. Louis, Brownsville & Mexico Ry. tank car decal
    Morrell Tank Line, tank car decal
    St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad Co., 36' boxcar decal

    Later this year:

    Resin cars!
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    Manny, it appears that there are more and more Frisco modelers who need decals for the Frisco and subsidiary lines. This is probably true for the other Southwestern railroads as well. There might be the need to start a Decal Division to handle this business itself. With Greg Komar retiring from his decal/dry transfer business and the fact that Walthers, Champ and Oddballs are gone, there is a demand for decals for the railroads and industries in the Great Southwest indeed!

    There are countless oil companies that rostered tank car fleets, some with just a handfull of cars, in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, etc. Same goes for shortlines, interurbans and street railways and of course shortlines. I am still waiting for a Dallas PCC for example! At one time I envisioned a freelance Texas Electric Railway, as if the TE had continued to offer freight service much like the Illinois Terminal did, using geeps. With several TE interurbans having been imported as brass models, there is even a need for TE decals.

    At any rate, I'm looking forward to a visit to your website when it gets up and running.

    Joe Toth

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    To help get my program off the ground, I need to diversify my offerings. Several different decals are being worked on right now albeit not Frisco's but cars that certainly ran on the Frisco. I have plenty of photos of Texas Electric to do decals for, but honestly I don't know what the demand would be for them. It may be a sleeping giant of a gold mine, or it could be a dud. I don't know.

    Since I am working from my own funds, progress is slower than expected, but I'm making progress.

    Peerless Tank Line / National Carboness Motor Oils / White Rose Gasolines: being produced right now.
    St. Louis, Brownsville & Mexico Ry tank car: ready for production
    Pierce Fordyce Oil Association: working on artwork
    Swift Tank Line: working on artwork
    Morrell Tank Line: working on artwork
    Quanah Acme & Pacific tank car: researching
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    No Manny, I doubt if Texas Electric decals would be a sound investment. There were a number of interurban lines that provided freight service that were in Frisco territory of course not to mention the number of cities and perhaps towns located on the Frisco that ran streetcars as well. Needless to say, any modeler running such equipment will have to make his own decals since they certainly wouldn't sell on the mass produced scale.

    There have been several oil companies that were located in the Southwest that have been commercially produced over the years in HO but the smaller outfits have pretty much been avoided as have railroad company tank cars. Ironically, LaBelle has offered a Texas Midland tank car in their wood kit line for years and a Ft. Worth & Denver stock car.

    A poll to determine which Frisco decals are most badly needed should help with your future production schedule to insure "Cracker Jack" sales to avoid unsold inventory stacking up on the shelf. Wish lists are nice but don't turn a profit to invest in other projects of course. I do see a bright future since you are working with the modelers to produce what they most need. Great markleting concept which is a win/win for both sides!

    Joe Toth
  6. Manny,

    I'm intrigued by the reference to the Pierce-Fordyce Oil Association. That name reminded me of the Waters-Pierce Oil company, whose cars showed up occasionally in the foreign-car-mileage reports of the K-CC&S in the 1890s. A little Googling indicates that the two oil companies were related, but I'm still a little fuzzy on exactly what that connection was. Can you point me to any historical clarification on that? (And in the course of your research, is there any chance that you came across any 1890s-era photos of a Waters-Pierce car?)

    Bradley A. Scott
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    How about a couple of the PFOA cars?

    Pierce-Fordyce oil association tank car.jpg Pierce-Fordyce oil association tank car at repair shed.jpg
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    SAFN SAAP Member

    Yes, Bob, you hit the nail on the head. Those are the two cars I am working on presently for the PFOA cars. I have builders photos for them. Now that you mention Waters-Pierce, I'll look for it. Thanks to you Bob and Bradley.
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    Really great pix OldGuy. The repair shed will be a must on my small HO layout. Just right to have a spur to spot a few tank cars on. Love the sky in the photos. Looks like it may have turned into a duck and cover day. Time for a moment of silence for the folks who have recently lost their lives and the survivors who have lost their loved ones, homes and jobs!

    Joe Toth

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    Update...Frisco box, furniture car, reefer, gondola, and flat car in the works...

    Stay tuned.

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