Bi-Level Auto Cars, unlabeled models 2021 from Menards

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      • Bi-Level Auto Cars, unlabeled , no road names.
      • 4-Piece O Gauge
      • [ does not have Fresco decals. Must obtain Frisco decals elsewhere].
      • Menard's 2021 catalog. Limited edition.
    Four model train car numbers. No two alike
    Menards SKU: 2793913
    Decorate this train car to match your favorite railroad.


      • Includes 18 sets of interchangeable decals (36 total) to decorate your auto carrier
      • [ does not have Fresco decals. Must obtain Frisco decals elsewhere].
      • all-wood composite deck with all die-cast couplers
      • die-cast trucks
      • steel swing-type drawbar
      • Uniquely numbered - no two are the same.
    one piece O Gauge Bi-Level Auto Carrier Sku # 2793912.

    Extra autos Sku # 2792658 6-Piece Die-Cast Cars Dealer Pack. pics vvv[​IMG]
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  1. It looks like Menards is issuing some new O gauge models this month.

    New. Here is another O gauge 2021 limited edition from Menards with
    the old Ford trucks on a Bi-Level rack carrier .

    [​IMG]four rail cars
    [​IMG]one rail car
    Comes with decals for various railroads. Frisco decals are not included.

    St. Louis, Manufacturers Railway Flatcar This is selling fast.

    O Gauge Manufacturers Railway Flatcar with Budweiser® Truck [a highway style truck]
    Model Number: 2793560 Menards ® SKU: 2793560.
    • Features a die-cast beverage truck
    • Each flatcar is uniquely numbered - No two are alike!
    • Compatible with all O scale train tracks
    • Limited edition
    • Navigates O-27 curves
    • Premium metal trucks and wheels with operating couplers

    [​IMG] This is selling fast.
    Separately , a different style of Budweiser
    truck [local delivery].
    Sku # 2794620Model Number: 2794459 Menards ® SKU: 2794459
    Features 1:48 scale, Free-wheeling action,
    Beautifully decorated with Budweiser colors and logos.
    Opening rear doors!
    There are packs of 4 unloaded flat cars that can used for any types of loads.


    New, separately, Lighted 1:48 Scale 1953 Ford® Railway Express Pickup Truck
    Sku # 2794620


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