Best Guesses: Depot Colors Late 1880s - Mid 1890s?

Discussion in 'General' started by Coonskin, May 24, 2021.

  1. Coonskin

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    If no one has better info, I will be going with red/oxide red for my Frisco depots in my V scale rendition of the Frisco from Monett to Talihina.

  2. Karl

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    My best guesses

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  3. rjthomas909

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    Excellent summary. I am going to go back and paint my trim dark gray.

    -Bob T.
  4. Coonskin

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    Thanks Karl.

    So... possibly it was a three tone scheme?

    Ugh. Worst possible scenario for virtual painting using photo textures.

    I do know that some of the earliest photos I have of the Frisco on the Ft Smith Sub (probably not called that at first) shows some light colored depots. Such as this one that is allegedly an early train (captioned as 1881 and as the "first" train) at Rogers:


    Then there's this photo of what is suspected to be the Rogers roundhouse dated early 1880s:


    Then there's what might be the original depot at Combs that is obviously dark. HOWEVER... could it be this depot was constructed under the ownership of the Fayetteville & Little Rock, thus a different color all together and yet to be repainted by the Frisco? That is is now Frisco property is insinuated by the mileage figure on the "COMBS" sign.


    Total confusion reigns on my part. Thus the temptation to just use oxide red.
  5. Jim James

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    I was under the impression that they were generally grey with white trim. Forgot where I read that back during my Zalma Branch research. The restored depot in Puxico was grey and white but modern restorations are not exactly the best reference.

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