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    I was on Oddballs website the other day and noticed he makes decals for the blue and white stripe paint scheme on the ealry Baldwin switchers. I had never seen a color picture and did not realize the lettering was red. Does anyone know when this scheme disappeared and the black and yellow appeared. Still looking at starting West Bottoms layout and was going to use 0-6-0's and /or Baldwins. Time period would be between the end of the War and the flood, say 1950. I was wondering if I could use this never modeled (that I've seen) color scheme.

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    The blue and white scheme was applied to the Baldwins upon delivery, as far as how long it lasted, I think they made it until the late 40's. I beleive that it was also applied to at least one GE 44 ton, I thought I had a shot of it but I can't find it. I also scratchbuilt a Davenport 44 tonner and painted it up in the blue and white scheme that it carried durring the war years.

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    1942-built Davenport #1 wore the Blue and White livery.

    I could have sworn that Don Wirth had posted a picture of one of his blue and white Baldwin VO's. He may not wish to "own-up" to having a diesel.
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    The definitive proof!

    Don has served his penance. Back on the topic at hand, I somewhere recall seeing that the blue/red switchers quickly changed to blue/white (don't know the date) and then to black/gold around 1948 or whenever the cab units started arriving.

    I think there's also a picture in Frisco in Color of a switcher that was in dark blue with yellow/gold strips and Roman-style "FRISCO LINES" lettering?

    Need to look at either the old FMIG newsletters or Mike Condren's website; I think he may have an old "Paint Shop" column that addressed switcher unit paint schemes.

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    Page 18 of Frisco in Color shows a Baldwin VO-1000 in dark blue with yellow markings incl FRISCO LINES in yellow.
    There are only two other blue/white diesels that I have ever seen. One is the GE 44 ton #5 found at this link: that was posted by Don Wirth. The #5 is posed on the west side of the Missouri Dry Dock & Repair machine shop in Cape Girardeau. I remember seeing that engine doing the local switching jobs in Cape when I was just a pup.
    The other blue/white diesel was the #1 Davenport 44 ton pictured on page 28 of Frisco Diesel Power. It was apparently re-painted black later as seen in the photo:
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    #226 on page 18 of "Frisco In Color" must have lost a bunch of color hue in the printing process. It is very difficult for me to see the published color as dark blue in my copy of the book. Looks like fresh black.

    Andre Ming

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