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    I recently ran across a photo of what appears to be a prototype for an auto carrier being tweaked by engineers. It's an open platform style on a 40'(?) flat car and carries 4 late 50's Chrysler cars. It would seem to a test for the feasiblity of such a concept predating the later super carriers. Does anyone have further information on this car-when, where, and colors? Thanks in advance. Larry F.
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    Information would about rail cars would be found in the Historical, Freight Equipment sub-forum. Use the search engine at the upper right to search for auto racks.

    Frisco led the industry in auto rack development in trying to provide better service to the Chrysler Plant in Fenton, Mo.
  4. The Evens (SP?) a railroad supply company made a autoloader that looked like the Tyco one. They are better known for there other railroad equiptment.

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