Atlas RS1-Decal Alternatives

Discussion in 'American Locomotive Company (ALCo)' started by Boomer John, May 26, 2017.

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    I don't know what happened on previous post, kept pounding keys and nothing was showing. What I meant to say was this. Last night I got in an EBAY bidding war on a used Atlas RS1 Frisco. At 5PM it was around $60. It went at 9PM at $168. I've given up on ever owning one of these. In fact, all I needed was the body since I have the guts with Soundtrax decoder.

    This got me to thinking if there was a standby solution given the current decal situation (none). Not perfect, but could one use the Microscale Katy yellow stripes for the later abbreviated stripe scheme where the bent stripe is just on the corner. The Frisco name off the Microscale Frisco F unit set is not right, too gold, but would probably use it until another alternative presents itself. Thoughts. Frustrating!

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    Nuts to that, John. Your standby solution sounds like a possibility. Surely, with a little weathering to blend it all in, it could be pulled off.

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