Athearn Genesis FP-7s Annouced 01-24-20

Discussion in 'New Products' started by Oldguy, Jan 24, 2020.

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    Didn't the F9B's have dynamic brakes? Apparently the models don't.

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    The O/W models from a couple years ago got the db fan correct. I would expect them to get it right again
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    Here's the PDF file of the full announcement and an image of the Frisco units. Their description and images indicate no Dynamic Brakes on the F9B. Also #5133 was an F7B. I have contacted Athearn to alert them to the inaccuracies.

    Genesis FP7 F9B b-Y.JPG

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  6. meteor910

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    Yep, they have done it! Their detailed description for their newly announced b/y Genesis FP7-F9B says it comes with a F9B unit that does not have d/b. They are equally screwed up as was Intermountain!
    Has anyone talked to Athearn about this?
  7. Ayerox

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    Keith, I also sent an email to Athearn noting the needed corrections.
  8. For all those pennies needed the SP or Rock Island versions will be my choice for this round as the details appear to be correct on them over the Frisco versions. Oh well guess Black Widows it is. Athearn not doing to well for the Frisco.
  9. meteor910

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    What say all yee - let's all send Athearn a note advising them they are looking just as silly as Intermountain did on their FP7-F7B set.
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    If anyone does, please be constructive, however, I would rather see a representative group member liasson for us. Being ganged up on isn't fun. I'd like the manufacturers to respect and like working with us for potential future offerings.
  11. What was the deal with the Intermountain units? Same issue with lack of DB on the F9B? Just curious.
  12. meteor910

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    Craig - Agree! I've contacted Athearn, Kadee, Bowser, Intermountain, Atlas, Walthers and others about things that concerned me. Always constructive comments, but made them aware of mistakes. Got a few things fixed, received some parts to add to correct problems, and got ignored on others. Just wanted them be aware they made a mistake. We'll see how this works out. I'm surprised Athearn, who is striving to make excellent, accurate models with their Genesis line, missed the matter of a simple d/b addition. Any pic they might have studied of a Frisco F9B, you can see the d/b as long as it is a side view or higher.
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  13. meteor910

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    Karl -
    Intermountain, who I like because they make really nice HO models, usually, offered a HO Frisco b/y FP7 and F7B set in 2007. They were nice models, ran great, but only an OK paint job and some bad details (WSW's were brutal!). The thing that set me off was that the F7B included a d/b fan. They got the FP7 OK, no d/b. But the F7B had a d/b! No Frisco F7B ever had a d/b!

    I called them and complained the day I received my models. I had ordered, as I recall, four F7B's and two FP7's (you could order the FP7 and/or the F7B independently). I gave the guy I spoke with a few references to check based on pics in the Frisco books of the day. They called back and agreed they had made a mistake. They sent me several roof top panels to replace the one with the d/b fan with one with no d/b. Over time, I sold all of the F7B's and included a correct panel with each, plus I sold both FP7's.

    Now comes Athearn Genesis (I sound like an attorney!). They have what looks like a much better b/y FP7 model, and a F9B model to come along with it. The reason the F9B is included with the FP7, I presume, is that the Frisco ordered each at the same time - FP7's, no d/b, plus F9B's, with d/b. But, the Genesis F9B does not, so far, have the d/b. So, Intermountain put a d/b on their F7B where there should not be a d/b, while Genesis, now, introduces one coming, a F9B with no d/b where there should be a d/b fan.

    This is an easy fix - no need to lose our cool. Let Athearn know of the F9B error, a simple fix is available, as they use Highliner's shell for both A and B models, and substitute a roof panel with a d/b for the one they show in their literature, which has no d/b. Refer them to the book pics evidence if necessary. I would think the Genesis people would very much want their models, each type, to be totally accurate. If not fixed, this is a glaring mistake - correct Frisco F9B sides and ends, but with no d/b on the roof.

    Ken (sorry to rant and rave on this, but I remember how upset I got with Intermountain!)

    ps: I have one of both Highliner EMD "F" A and B kits, with all the necessary grills as well. Amazing kits - you can assemble them, using the necessary parts, to make any "F" A unit or "F" B unit, from the FT's to the F9's. I do not have the "FP" A model kit, however. I'm curious as to how they got that one done. Did Highliner or Athearn pull that one off?
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  14. Well I am familar with the highliner kits - they are fantastic! They make the 3 basic shells. The F unit A or B shell with all the amenities for any model (excluding the FT unfortunately as I am a big fan of the FT, especifically ATSF versions) and phase variation and an FP shell. So the FP shell is a Highliner origination apparently.

    I have Intermountain ATSF F3A/B units but there are no issues with them.

    Someone at those companies just isnt completing their homework on certain railroads units before they throw the offering out for them. Agreeably quite frustrating especially in the case when receiving them only to find not accurate in railroad specific details the units were or werent equipped with.

    Its like the older Athearn blue box ATSF passenger F7A units. They have steam generator details but no ATSF passenger F7A units were steam generator equipped, only the B units.

    Anyhow thanks for the info about the Intermountain goof, the Frisco was a late coming interest of mine and i wasnt aware of that Intermountain issue.

    Hopefully Athearn will fix the units as correct for Frisco - especially at $619.98 for a pair !! (Getting more pricey it seems as well)

    I think I am most likely just going for the SP Black widow units instead as I grew up around the SP so Daylight and Black Widow schemes are quite endearing to me. Although such painted units were fading away and the 1958 introduced grey/red "bloody nose" scheme units were becoming much more prevalent on SP covered wagons, even the covered wagons were starting to dissapear in favor of hood units. Ah well, nothing lasts forever.
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  15. klrwhizkid

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    I have contacted Athearn in a very tactful way to assist them in getting this release correct, in as-built colors, of the Frisco FP7A, F7B and F9B locomotives. I pointed out that their first release in the Red/White scheme was properly represented in the FP7A, F7B and F9B. I asked that they verify that the production models will be correct and that there was a simple error in their press release. I offered to be the single point of contact at for releases of Frisco themed product. I will rely on all of you to assist me in assuring the accuracy of our information for Athearn's use.
  16. Ozarktraveler

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    Thanks Mr. Keith.
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    Thank you for stepping up to do this Keith. I think this could be the best way to go so we don't overwhelm them with emails about the issue.
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  18. klrwhizkid

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    Here is the response I got:
    "Thank you for your input and offer, we spoke with our product development team and they are aware of the discrepancies regarding this release of Frisco FB units and are working to make necessary corrections to these models."
  19. meteor910

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    All they need to do is to use the Highliner d/b roof panel master instead of the roof panel master without the d/b. Simple.
  20. klrwhizkid

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    Athearn already has bodies in the correct configurations from the last run of Frisco FP7A/F7B/F9B locomotives.
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