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Discussion in 'Freight Equipment' started by gjslsffan, Sep 8, 2009.

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    Greetings All

    I am ready for paint on my SLSF 1102 cab. I prefer Scalecoat. So, which color is correct for the basic Frisco color for this series of cabooses?
    Many thanks
  2. yardmaster

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    Tom -
    An old paint chart from the mechanical Department in FMIG Newsletter #3 lists:
    Body, Exterior Sides and Ends: Freight Car Red
    End Platforms: Box Car Red
    Steps, Risers, Step Sides: Box Car Red
    Grab Irons, Platform Guard Rails, Lift Rods: Black
    Hand Rails and Handholds: Black*
    Roof / Underframe: Black
    Steel Superstructure: New Standard Primer Red
    Smokestack: Red
    Trucks: Black
    Lettering: White

    *I remember an e-mail from Joe Pennington several years back that indicated that handrails were painted yellow beginning around 1948.

    Ultimately a lot of the right color/shading depends on (a) the era you're modeling and (b) if you can find a prototype photo in color.

    I figure between heavy weathering and differing shades, you can nearly justify whatever color you choose! :)

    Be sure to post a photo of your work when you're finished.

    Best Regards,
  3. Jim James

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    I went with black. Some of the grabs were a pain in the caboose but I got them all on. All that's left is the decal work. I also need to find the correct screws for mounting the trucks to the Athearn bolsters. I'm going to the hobby shop in Kirkwood tomorrow so it won't be long now. I haven't been posting pics because I'm doing everything on my iPhone. Wish I could post pics from it. By the way, any certain tips for applying decals onto wood surfaces. Does Solv-set still work. I don't want to screw up these awesome decals! WOOPS!! Wrong thread. So sorry.

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