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    Ready for a break in run and clear overcoat is the latest from the shops. 1050 was an American Loco Works engine that lived in St. Louis for a good while. The 1040-1059 series could be found all over they system and must have been good little engines since they hung around late in the game.
    This model was "roughed in" years ago by a friend. That is to say the boiler with a stack, separate cab, no domes or running boards or any other detail. Just the bare bones. He had roughed in the tender body also. The boiler is cobbled together from tubing, a tapered section from a USRA light mike, the running gear is PFM from a Toby Frisco 1500 with the frame shortened by one driver. Obviously there are some final tweaks, some straightening and touchup to do which will come after the decoder.
    I've been on a roll for the last 2-3 months finishing up projects that have been on the shelf forever. Still have 4-5 to go, they layout is dormant to the point where I'll need a 4" angle grinder to clean the rail but I am accomplishing something. 1050, after shakedown running will be my first WOW decoder install. I'm anxious to see how they work. p8010017.jpg P8010019.JPG P8010020.JPG p8010023.jpg

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    Very nice! I was wondering what the "almost done" project was going to be. Good choice. I'll bet these little things sounded pretty good, too!

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    Don keeps parading out all these beautiful engines! I'd like to see his whole SLSF "herd" in a front-of-the-roundhouse group portrait!

    Tom G.
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    YOU, Sir, are an amazing, talented, and energetic human being!
    i feel very privileged to know you.
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    I am always mesmerized by your efforts Don, just amazing... Maybe I will finish my steam project now.
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    Don, I have a 4 inch angle grinder if you need one!! I'm just a few minutes away!!
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    Nice Don!

  10. Very nice Don. Thanks for the unpainted shot too. What do you have for a soldering set up? Resistance or old school heat sinks? Thanks
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    40W Weller solder station with a fine point, 250W soldering gun, Micro torch, American Beauty 250W resistance unit with probe.
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