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    IT was fun to see some of sd 45 around you knew they were slsf engines you could seeorange paint on the top( some of the fans were orange showing hear and thair. ) I reamber one slsf engine you could see the frisco sign painted over.
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    I was trying to find some old Kodak film my grandfather took of this derailment. I stumbled across this article. How young 3 of the 4, these guys were..


    OLUSTEE, Okla. --- Four crew members of a Frisco freight train were killed early today when the train derailed near this southwestern Oklahoma community.

    The Highway Patrol reported the 86-car train rounded a curve and smashed into seven freight cars that escaped a sidetrack in Olustee sometime during the night and rolled about 1-1/2 miles northward down the track.

    The Highway Patrol identified the victims as James Willard Heahth, 60, of Oklahoma City, the engineer; Robert Ray Thornton, 30, of Moore, the fireman; Jerry Arthur Howard, 23, Oklahoma City, a brakeman, and Terry L. Lober, 23, Harrah, also a brakeman.

    All four were in the front engine of three diesels pulling the mile-long train.

    Altus police reported the train was en route from Quanah, Tex., to Oklahoma City. About 25 of the 86 cars were derailed, and some overturned.

    The accident occurred about 1-1/2 miles north of Olustee about 1:45 a.m.

    The crash knocked out telephone service to the small towns of Olustee and Eldorado, about 14 miles to the southwest.

    "It looked like the boxcars on the siding polled downhill about a mile and a half," a trooper said. "The cars broke through a derail and went into the main line.

    "The freight train hit them as it rounded a curve and the lead engine was completely demolished."

    A six-inch segment was sliced out of one rail "like two karate chops had cut it " at the point of the collision, one person at the scene reported.
    (Ada Evening News ~ June 3, 1970)
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    While scanning my negatives for use in the Archives I noticed something different about SD45 #943...Look at the handrails, they are painted red...I guess I you have the Athearn RTR model of #943 no need to paint the handrails white...The photo of 943 that will be posted to the archive is much better & clearer..Roger
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    Thanks, that note has been placed with my 943.
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    I can see the rush by everyone now to change their loco number to "943" LOL!
    That little tidbit made my stomach less queasy after seeing all that green paint!
    BTW - Nice collection of photos- just that the name and color is off.
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    Love the pic of SLSF 915 with the pic of the Frisco big whale ACF cylindrical covered hopper behind the SD45.

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    Nice catch, Roger. Started looking at other photos to see if the fireman's side was also red. That would be really interesting to explain if it wasn't.

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    Frisco diesels.jpeg frisco sd-45.jpeg SLSF SD-45s.jpeg
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    Great photo fredman23. Out of all the Frisco's diesels, the SD45s are probably my favorite.
  10. fredman23

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    Sort of a “Lucius Beebe wedge” shot.

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