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  1. paul

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    SLSF 583 GP7

    GP7 #583 and two sisters appear to be switching in Fall River,KS. Note the caboose next to the engines, and the break between the boxcar and tank car.

    Photographer unknown. Slide is dated July 1968.

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  2. paul

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    SLSF 590 GP7

    GP7 #590 and two counter parts (the first of witch appears to be #581) are working in an unknown location, possibly somewhere in Kansas. Photographer unknown. Slide is dated August 1968.

    (Steve Beaty has identified this location as Augusta, KS. at the west end of the Mobil refinery. RRT)

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  3. paul

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    SLSF 600 GP7

    GP7 #600 leads 3 sisters at the head of a train. Second unit is either 505 or 605 but the first number is blocked in the number boards and I can't read the side of the cab.

    Location Unknown, but possibly somewhere in Kansas. Photographer unknown. Slide is dated October 1968.

    (Steve Beaty has identified this location as 2-miles east of Beaumont, KS. RRT)

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  4. paul

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    SLSF 617 GP7

    Orange and white GP7 #617 leads two black sisters and a short train over a road bridge in Beaumont,KS. Second unit may be #538, but the number is not clear. Slide is dated January,1969. Photographer Unknown.

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  5. paul

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    SLSF ?? GP7

    An Unknown GP7 leads a short train through a crossing.

    Location unknown, but may be in Kansas. Photo was taken from what looks like the inside of a tower (notice the reflection from the glass at the bottom). Photographer unknown. Slide is not dated.

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  6. paul

    paul Guest

    SLSF 583 GP7

    Ex-Frisco GP7 #583. Philadelphia, PA.

    Slide is dated July 1982.

    Photographer Unknown

  7. qaprr

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    SLSF 571 GP7

    SLSF 571 Photo taken 1951 by Charles A. Tice, location Southwestern Oklahoma. SLSF 571 was equipped with a steam generator and the car behind the engine appears to be an REA car, this is probably Train 409 or 410 at Lawton or Snyder on the Chickasha Sub.

  8. patrick

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    SLSF 503 GP7

    GP-7 #503 Frisco file photo from the Western Historical Manuscript Collection.

  9. patrick

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    SLSF 502 GP7

    GP-7 #502 Frisco file photo from the Western Historical Manuscript Collection.

  10. patrick

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    SLSF 562 GP7

    1951 Frisco file photo GP-7 # 562 of 543-605 series. Western Historical Manuscript Collection.

    5689.jpg 5690.jpg
  11. Rick Morgan

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    Frisco GP7 510, Okmulgee OK 19 Aug 1975

    Rick Morgan

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  12. Rick Morgan

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    GP7 617, Joplin, MO 14 Jul 1974.

    Rick Morgan

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  13. Rick Morgan

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    Frisco GP7 519 at Quanah, TX, 18 Aug 1975.

    Rick Morgan

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  14. Kermit

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    I enjoyed seeing the photo of the 519. As a kid I was hanging around the depot and yard in Monett, MO one day and an engineer gave me the opportunity to operate the 519 for a few moments. Fond memories. :)
  15. grace65746

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    Re: SLSF 529 GP7

    I remember seeing wig-wags at crossings along 60 Hwy coming from Springfield on the Memphis main at various crossings back when I was a little kid travelling from KC to Ava to see family. They even had them in Seymour at one time. Now they have flashing lights and gates at the crossings.
  16. I came across a Frisco GP7 on my railfaning trip though central Arkansas. It is ex-Frisco 534. It was sold to IC and Rebuilt into a GP8. It resides on the Little Rock & Northwestern Railroad in Perry, AR she now wears an orange and black scheme. Looks kinda nice beside the Perry's old Rock Island depot. It is acompanyed by two Alco's and another EMD engine that wasn't present at the time.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
  17. diesel shop

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    Are these the two engines you are talking about? Photos are in Perry, AR.

    Susan Birthday AK 042.jpg Susan Birthday AK 045.jpg
  18. Sirfoldalot

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    Is that a new style camouflage that the military is trying out on 438? :confused:

    Man, I feel like sending them a gallon of paint. :eek:

    BTW , for my knowledge bank, are those 4 stacks on the roof?
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  19. Yep the 7736 is her. The 438 is the other engine that was off. It has been repainted I heard. Those are 4 stacks on the 7736. May have been part of the IC rebuild. Real hard to tell it ever was a Frisco unit. I was suprised to find anything Frisco on my trip. I also lucked into finding a red Frisco caboose sitting of the hi-way in Little Rock. My trip ventured south from there where I got to visit the old Reader Railroad. Neat bunch of steam engines there. I'm just amazed a Frisco GP-7 exists in some form on an operating railroad. Hope to find more stuff coming up with band. We travel halfway across state for most games.
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Millican
  20. diesel shop

    diesel shop Member

    How did you know that unit was a Frisco unit? Where is that caboose in Little Rock?

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