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  1. Roy Tankersly at the helm. Near Rolla I believe.
  2. frisco1522

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    Maybe between Rolla and Dillon. I remember Roy Tankersly.
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  3. Your dad and Roy (my grandpa) worked together Don. That makes you way older than me Don!! HA!
  4. frisco1522

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    I'm older than dirt! That's where I remember some of the old engineer's names. Dad was Local Chairman for the BofLE 428.
  5. Yeah my dad said your dad was a pall bearer at Roy’s funeral.
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    I had a Hallmark brass 4400 at one time, but later sold it. Am I thinking of something else (I'm not much of a steam guy and my memory these days is nearly worthless), but weren't the 4400s built using parts from some other class of locomotives?

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  7. frisco1522

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    Overland made the 4400s in brass. 4400s used a good deal of parts from the old 2-10-2s including the boiler. 4300s were built new.
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  8. gstout

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    Yep, that's how I remember it.

  9. yardmaster

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    Beautiful photo, Steve.

    The 4300s and 4400s are, hands down, my favorite Frisco power: the former for the demonstrating the craftsmanship of the Springfield Shop, and the latter for managing to effectively recycle the old 2-10-2s and turn them into something most useful and impressive.

    Thoroughly enjoy seeing the 4400s in action.

    Best Regards,
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  10. Thanks glad you enjoy it!

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