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    I need help in figuring out where this was taken. I don't know where, when or by who, but it's a nice shot. Number on semaphore is 806. Negative isn't marked, neither was the original sleeve that it was in.

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  2. Karl

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    Emailed the image to my dad, and he thought the location to be McBride. Engine 4024 is sbd.
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    This is an old thread and maybe no one is interested but I'm a new member here and can identify the location. It is definitely McBride on the River Line. The semaphores were marked in three digit numbers, representing miles and tenths of miles.
    The designation 806 means MP 80.6. McBride is MP 81. For example, close to my house, at Weber Road in Affton, the semaphore was marked 107 on the north side, (MP 10.7) and 108 on the south side.(MP 10.8). Gravois station was MP 11. (No, the semaphore post was not a tenth of a mile thick, that's just the way they had it.)
    I can't tell anything else, but aren't those steam engines shiny? Good old Frisco.
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    I've often wondered if it was at the east end of Cuba. The Salem Branch used 800s "back in the day" and the next time I'm out that way I'm going to look and see what the surrounding country looks like. It looks Cubaish but your Dad may also be right as McBride is flat around the RR too. Thanks.
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    Cuba is between MP 86 and 87 on the Frisco Eastern Division, so the semaphore number does not exactly fit.

    MP 80.6 on the Eastern is on a downhill grade (going west) and is in the middle of a 3deg 35min curve to the left (based on a 1982 track chart).

    But, I agree with Don - the scene sure does look "Cubaish". Neat pic!

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