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  1. We all know where 4500 & 4501 ended up, but what about 4502 ? When was it retired, and where was it scrapped ?
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    The second edition of Frisco Power has a color photo of 4502 - at least the backside of the tender - and many of its Northern bretheren in 1955 at what I think is the partially-demolished remnants of the North Yard roundhouse in Springfield? Might be Lindenwood. In any event, 4502 is definitely in retirement but not scrapped.

    Beyond that, I'm having trouble finding a final disposition/scrapping date. Perhaps someone else will be able to chime in.

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    Those engines were stored at Lindenwood until the equipment trust notes were paid off. I think I was overseas in the Army in the early 60s when 4502 was cut up. Lindenwood is where the 1501,1522,1526,1621 were cosmetically restored for donation. Strangely, 4501 was just sent to Dallas unrestored. Never quite understood that, but she looks good now. 4519 was the last 4500 cut up. She sat at Ft. Scott for years and was finally taken to Springfield and slaughtered.
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    There must be a mistake here :confused: with apologies to Don because I have the 4502 in my Frisco steam locomotive collection . It is in beautiful condition I might add being well taken care of.:)
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  6. Thanks for the replies, it helps. Looks like those "Meteor" engines got painted to regular black in their later years, and 4502 was still around to the end...in Black. Besides the three 4500's, what engines were painted Zephyr blue ?
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    Three of the streamstyled 4-6-2s. 1018,1026 and 1031.
  8. I have one of the shop built Frisco whistles, which is a copy, or clone of the Hancock three chime, long bell "step top" with a cast iron bowl and integral valve. The true, all brass (or bronze) Hancock step top was produced from 1938, and I've heard all the 4500's built in 1942 were equipped with the Frisco built copy of this whistle. (The streamlined 4-6-2's, used the older design Hancock flat top, and the whistles for those engines were nickel plated). My whistle is the top version, but the valve/bowl has it's old original "Zephre" blue, Meteor paint color, instead of black, as I've seen on others. I thought maybe since 4500 & 4501 were accounted for, that this one I have might have been on 4502, since it was the only blue engine that was scrapped. Problem with that theory is, it looks like 4502 went to scrap in black paint, and it's whistle would have been black too.

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