1621,1615, 1632,6 Eagle Pitcher

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  1. From the Jerry Hurt photo stash:
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    My favorite class ... Awesome!
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    Evidently the Eagle-Picher decided to give the Bolsheviks a road-switcher look and it applied "safety yellow" to the locomotives. Close examination of the photographs shows yellow axle ends on the drivers and pilot wheel sets, yellow air compressor shield, yellow stripes on the running board steps, yellow cylinder head and valve head covers, and yellow foot-board steps.
  5. [​IMG] location ? this pic has centered head light.
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    I didn't like the high headlight. When we were active with 1522, I took one of our guys and went down to 1621 at the Museum and moved the headlight down. I should have moved it down another 6", but just utilized old holes in the smokebox front. Looks better now.
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    This was shot in Harrisonville pulling Train #21

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