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  1. roger

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    Slsf 139 - 1994

    SLSF 139 Springfield, MO. 3/29/94

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  2. roger

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    Slsf 144 - 1996

    SLSF 144 Springfield, MO. 3/29/96

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    Slsf 398 - 2000

    SLSF 398 Valley Park, MO. 3/31/00

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    Slsf 659 - 2001

    SLSF 659 Oklahoma City, OK. 3/19/01

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  5. roger

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    Slsf 893 - 2001

    SLSF 893 Paul's Valley, OK. 3/19/01

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  6. roger

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    Slsf ??? - 1998

    SLSF ??? Drumright, OK. 10/16/98

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  7. roger

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    Slsf ??? - 1997

    SLSF ??? Weaubleau, MO. 12/14/97

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  8. john

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    The Great Plains Transportation Museum in Wichita, KS owns #876. It is in need of serious repair work. We are needing any and all information about this class of car including drawings if possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to help us save an early wood car from the Frisco
  9. art

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    Slsf 22, 50, 78, 90

    From my collection, steel cupola cbaooses with original wood siding

    22.jpg 50.jpg 78.jpg 90.jpg
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  10. paul

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    SLSF 27 Side Door - 1967

    Paul Bender. Two Pictures of SLSF 27 From a collection of Original Frisco
    Slides I obtained at the NMRA national this summer.

    The Slides are Dated October 1967, and they were taken somewhere in Kansas.

    1401.jpg 1402.jpg
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  11. qaprr

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    SLSF 895 - Wood Cupola

    SLSF 895 Photo taken 10-9-49 by Charles A. Tice, location unknown. Probably Snyder, OK.

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  12. dan

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    The Santa Maria Valley Railway Historical Museum needs your help. We are restoring SMV 180, a caboose used by our local short line. “Legend has it” (nobody can find a copy of the bill of sale) that it and another caboose (#190) were purchased from another railroad in the mid to late fifties. The 180 is a wood caboose on a steel frame with a wooden cupola and seems to be a dead ringer for SLSF 895, pictured on your site. The only differences we can see is the fact that our caboose lost its roof walks and ladders along the way. Cast in to the Huntoon truck side plates is “STL-SFRY” and “2-36,” “4-36,” and “9-36” (on two trucks).. Based upon all of this, we think that the Frisco built this caboose and that the Frisco was the line from which the SMVRR bought it. We are hoping to find the two numbers involved in the sale. As #190 was scrapped out years ago, we realize that we will be unable to get it down to which number is ours but the Museum would like to document 180’s history and give credit where credit is due. Also, We may be of some help to the Great Plains Transportation Museum, Wichita KS, in their restoration of SLSF 876, if it is of the same class as ours as the interior doesn’t seem to be changed much from its service with the Frisco. Does anyone have documentation which shows two cabooses leaving the Frisco roster in the mid to late fifties? These are probably the ones that became SMV 180 and 190. If anyone wishes to contact us, please contact us through our web site (www.smvrhm.org) or at my email address (aiim@juno.com) Dan Alves, President
  13. nicholas

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    The NEO Miami OK shops built two cabooses
    Original numbers 53 and 54 (built 11-47)
    Frisco renumbered 162, 163 (built 5-51)
    Frisco later renumbered to 1162 (blt. 11-47) at least one I know of, then they were renumbered into 1110 and 1111

    What is the Interior Length of this caboose IL?

    I remember an article in one of the FMIG newsletters, is that right. I have mine in Australia and I can't check.

    What are the Interior Lengths of the following, I have my numbers in brackets ( ).
    1400 series (33'4")
    1700 series (33'4")
    1725 series (32'4")
    1776 (34'6")

    Thanks Nick
  14. mike

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    I received this from Joe Pennington in which he described the paint schemes of early cabooses (Thanks Joe!!!):

    The early cabooses were all box car red with black endrails grabs, platforms and steps. The first steel cupola cabooses were built in 1938(10-29,30-40 series) and had 20' truck centers and mulehide roofs. The Murphy steel roofs (as modeled by Hallmark and Overland) were not used until about half way into the 41-99 series. All the wood cupola cabooses had mulehide roofs.

    The painting of yellow endrails, grabs, stair edges begin in 1946. The ladders only went to the roof edge until 1947 when they started using the wrap over roof design.
  15. mike

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    Here is another note from Joe Pennington that describes some of the detail lettering on cabooses. Joe's email address is JoeP1522@aol.com

    The 1" data in the upper left hand corner is present on all box cars, reefers, hoppers and cabooses. It is a paint code and date when the car was last painted.
    PP-3-40= Pittsburg paint March 1940.
    DUP TC = DuPont "tuf-cote"
    CRL= Chas. R. Long Co.
    SW= Sherwin-Williams
    MW=Montgomery Ward and Co.
    A-29QD= St. Louis Surfacer co.(black)
    GLID=Glidden Co.
    Mortex-4= Mortel Co. (this was a plastic like coating that was applied to the roofs of steam locos, box cars and reefers, express cars, pass cars, cabooses, etc. and was not painted over with the car or loco color,

    The Frisco had box cars with black roofs in the 1940's) The lettering on the bottom of the car above the trucks was the date and location that the truck bearings were repacked in 1&1/2 "( sometimes in 1") letters/numbers.

    I have a set of decals that I produced several years back (does eight cars plus a caboose) that has all this small detail lettering included. Also the brake reservoir has 1"lettering showing the location and date that the brake
    valves were cleaned. This is another item that shows up nicely on a model.
    Joe Pennington
  16. chris

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    SLSF 893 Wood Cupola

    [font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]Chris Abernathy. [/font]Here are some additional pictures of #893, Pauls Valley OK (taken 6-4-2002) to add to what Roger has listed below.

    Right side of caboose.


    Close-up of right side of cupola.


    Close-up detail of "B' end platform.


    Close-up detail of "A" end platform.


    Wide-angle, left side (same as what Roger has posted below)
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  17. patrick

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    SLSF 154 Wood w/Bay Window

    Caboose #154 Frisco photo from the Western Historical Manuscript Collection.

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  18. chris

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    SLSF 154 Interior - 1953

    Interior of #154, Frisco Photo taken in 1953. Published in Frisco Museum's "All Aboard" magazine; posted with permission.

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  19. friscomike

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    Slsf 46, 93, 111, 132

    Art Marsh, from my collection, steel cupola cabooses with plywood wood siding.

    46.jpg 93.jpg 111.jpg 132.jpg
  20. slsf & or C&EI #11 Caboose


    Frisco Caboose 11b.jpg

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