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Thread: SLSF 2001 E7

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    Default SLSF 2001 E7 - 1950

    Photos previously published in the Frisco Museum's "All Aboard;" Frisco photos posted w/permission. These look to be in the old backshop?

    E7 #2001 being rebuilt at West Springfield into an E8 "lookalike" sometime in 1950.

    "Dan Patch" racehorse scheme, converted from original E7 scheme.
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    Default Re: SLSF 2001 E7

    2001 at St. James. Unsure which train it's heading up. Will Rogers?

    Photo from collection of the James Memorial Library, used with permission.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.
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    Default Re: SLSF 2001 E7

    Likely it is the Will. I'm not aware of the geography at St.L. What direction is the train headed? Judging from the shadows, I'd say it's heading west. Also the Will Rogers was a night train until 1956, I presume that's after??

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    I believe it's heading west, judging by the position of the station in the photo. It's still wearing gold and white stripes, so I would guess this was taken prior to 1960.

    Thanks for the info on the Will Rogers. Didn't know that it was once a night train.

    Pat Moreland,
    Union Mo.

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    Default Re: SLSF 2001 E7

    For sure heading west. The St James depot (still there) is on the I-44 side of the tracks; I-44 (still US-66 then likely) is a mile or so behind the depot.

    Train has to be #3, the Will Rogers, since it has stopped at StJ. #9, The Meteor, would normally not stop at StJ, and I can't see any red/silver lightweights back in the distance.

    Could be dated in the early 1960's also, as some of the E7's were not repainted until then. I recall seeing E7 SLSF 2000 up close in Rolla around 1962-1963 on #3; it really looked ragged in its well worn red/gold/white decor with an almost totally worn and faded blue coonskin emblem on the nose.


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