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Thread: SLSF 17?? Bay Window

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    Default Slsf 17?? 2002

    SLSF 17?? Picher, OK. 4/20/02. This is the 1728,1729 or 1733.
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    Does anyone on the list know if this caboose survived the recent tornado that virtually leveled Pitcher? Also, is it the same one that was at the little mining museum on the main road through town that had the extended vision canopy slipped over the top of it?

    Robert Hoover, Jr.

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    It is still there as of last week.

    By the way, the Southwestern Missouri RR interurban depot will probably be demolished within the next week or two, at Picher.
    Bill Collins

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    Thank you for the post here and on the thread for Picher, OK depot.

    Is the pending demolition of the SWM depot from tornado damage or Superfund site work?

    Also, do you know the current status of the Frisco caboose at the mining museum in Picher? Are they facing the same fate (demolition or relocation) from tornado damage or as part of the Superfund site clean up?



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    Mark and all,

    The caboose shown in the above photograph is still on location next to the house in the picture and it looks like someone is living in it. The mining museum was closed and it's material given to the Baxter Springs, Kansas museum and the Special Collections Dept. of Axe Library at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. The caboose the museum owned was sold and scrapped. The museum building is slated for demolition as part of the Superfund cleanup.

    John Chambers

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