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    Default Hungerford Era Paint Schemes...

    Are there any diagrams or documents available showing how painting and lettering was done on steam engines in the Clark Hungerford ("Simplified") era? Just "F-R-I-S-C-O" under the cab windows and large tender numerals. I'm particularly interested in which engines were lettered/numbered in Dulux gold (Or whatever the proper name is for the yellow imitation gold color). "Dulux" (pronounced "deluxe") was a DuPont trade mark. The Frisco may have used another/some other brand??
    From my observation of photographs, I assume the yellow was on passenger engines and or/oil burners. I know 4501 and 1523 were two that were for sure done in yellow and also at least one 4-6-2 (It's pictured in the new "Rails Around MIssouri" book). Anyone have inormation or insights? From a modeling standpoint, these are the engines that coexisted with the first diesels. I do know that some of the pin striped engines also lasted into the late era.

    Thanks, Tom

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    Good question, Tom. Seems that "Frisco in Color" has a photo of one of the 1500s in "Dulux Gold" on the Dewey Presidential Campaign special in 1948. I'm pretty sure it was sans-striping.

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    I'd also sure love to know the answer to this. I remember very well seeing locomotives around Fort Smith lettered with Dulux Gold, so at least the 1040's must have had it as we never got any passenger locomotives larger than that. I think at least some of the 1015's did as well, but I'd like to know for sure. My suspicion is that anything that had formerly had gold with the doric stripes later got Dulux Gold, but I don't have anything to prove that. By the time of the change quite a number of 1015's were in permanent freight service, some with front footboards, working the A&A Division and out of Enid.

    One anecdote that was frequently repeated but that I absolutely cannot prove is that when the order first came down to make the change it did not specifically say to eliminate the stripes on the domes, so the first repainted locomotive from Fort Smith had Dulux numbers and letters, a plain tender, but stripes on the domes!


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