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Thread: Photos from Lamar area

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    Default Photos from Lamar area

    Hi all,

    As I have known for a while, the Lamar are was not a popular place for people to rail fan for the Frisco (or the mop for that matter.) Does any one have photos of Frisco action in Lamar and surrounding area's (Iantha would be great, Liberal would be good too) or know were I could find some.

    Ethan Lawrence
    Founder and CEO of the Iantha Branch.

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    Ethan, most of the photos that I have of the Lamar area are ones I took a couple of years ago, however, I do have some I have collected from other sources off of the net that I probably should not share on this forum. There is only one action photo of a steamer with passenger train crossing a pin and link bridge and that is an easily found picture postcard.
    Keith Robinson
    KC, MO North
    Ship It on the Frisco!

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