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Thread: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

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    Default Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    Please join me in wishing my good friend Jim Senese (KCTRWY) of Claremore, OK a very Happy Birthday! For those of you that don't know Jim personally, he is an outstanding modeler, railroad historian, and researcher who has spent years building a realistic HO replica of the Kansas City area and how several railroads operated both together and separately. His railroad is set in the fall of 1980 and was featured in the the 1999 issue of Model Railroading Planning. He is also active in helping each year in planning the Layout Design & Operations Weekend that is held annually in Tulsa. Most of all he is a very kind and generous person.
    Bob Hoover
    Modeling a small segment of the Wichita Sub-Division, circa. 1980, in HO called the
    "River City Railroad & Amusement Co."

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    Happy Birthday Jim!
    Thank You,
    Tom Holley

    My YouTube MRR videos

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    From one Jim to another, Happy Birthday! The iron tongue of time tolls the hour. May you have many more.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    Quote Originally Posted by FriscoFriend View Post
    His railroad is set in the fall of 1980 and was featured in the the 1999 issue of M[I]odel Railroading Planning.
    A well-worn copy that I still have in the workshop! Happy Birthday, Jim S.; without realizing it, your layout provided that "light bulb moment" for what to model when my son laid out some very particular givens for a layout, i.e. "I want both the SL-SF and AT&SF on the say layout, with a rural scene and a city scene."

    Best Regards,
    Chris Abernathy
    Columbia, MO
    (Modeling the Frisco's Northern Division - Kansas City Terminal in HO-Scale c. 1943)

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    Happy Birthday! Hope it is a great one! Enjoy.
    YesteRRails L.L.C., Owner/Operator
    San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad (1884-1925)
    San Antonio, Fredericksburg & Northern Railway (1913-1917)
    "Reflecting the Frisco influence in the railroads of the Texas Hill Country"

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    A very Happy Birthday, Jim and many more!
    Keith Robinson
    KC, MO North
    Ship It on the Frisco!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday Jim!


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    Default Re: Happy Birthday Jim Senese

    Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes! They made the day very special for me. Next time you plan to be in NE Oklahoma railfanning please give a call (I'm in Claremore close to where the Frisco and the MoPac crossed at grade). I'd love to have you come over and run some 1/87 Frisco trains on my Kansas City Terminal. Jim Senese

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