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Thread: Early Frisco Steam!

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    Default Early Frisco Steam!

    Hi All!

    Below is a pic of some repainting I've been doing to produce an accurate rendition of the 1880 Rogers engines, #50-55 as delivered. I also intend to paint a couple into the all-black scheme with three digit numbers that started in (apparently) 1886.

    Off to Poteau, I.T.* to lay some more 1880's track!

    Have fun!

    * I.T. = Indian Territory (Became Oklahoma.)

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    Default Re: Early Frisco Steam!

    Andre, you're killin me, man! How much $ to get going in V scale?

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    Default Re: Early Frisco Steam!

    They look nice, Coonskin! Better get that track down so they can run.

    While just about any old computer can run "V-scale" software, it will not be an optimum experience. For best results, be prepared to buy a top-end multi-core processor and the very highest end video card. You also will want the biggest monitor you can find; why mess around building routes, rolling stock and scenery if they are squeezed into "peephole." This runs about $300 or so. My ~$200 video card was just below state of the art in late 2009. The CPU was slightly lower. After you have acquired all that, be prepared for it to become obsolete in 3 years requiring complete replacement.


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    Default Re: Early Frisco Steam!

    Wow! Thats great work Andre! looks just like a color version of some of the early Frisco steam pictures in the center photo section of Frisco Folks. I'm getting a new laptop in the fall I'm hopeing to install MSTS on it and start work on my own V scale layout. I like the red wheelsets on the engine. Kinda funny to see a Frisco engine with red wheels considering a couple of preserved more modern Frisco steamers had their wheels incorrectly painted red. Great work on the engine though!!!
    Ship it on the Frisco!!!

    Murphy Jenkins

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    Default Re: Early Frisco Steam!

    Hi Guys!


    Assuming you have a suitable computer (see below), you will be out the price of the basic game/sim to start with. Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS for short) is no longer made, so you'll have to turn to the resale market. Be forewarned there is STILL quite a bit of demand for MSTS, so the resale prices CAN reflect that. Typically, though, you can pick up an excellent condition copy of MSTS for around the price it was released at, around $50. Others have done much better (cheaper), others paid much more for a sealed mint-in-the-box copy.

    As for additional programs you'll want IF you get serious with it (as in building routes), then you'll want a program called DEMEX that decompiles and creates terrain, then exports it to MSTS using USGS Digital Elevation Models (or "DEM's" for short). DEM's are free. DEMEX costs something like $25 as I recall? "Mosaic" is also nice (for painting terrtex, aka "ground") and has other features to commend it. It too, is something like $20. From there, many of the wanted updates and patches are free.

    As for trains and routes to play with: Literally thousands of items are available for FREE. IF you should decide to purchase a payware route, typically, they are less than the price of a Kadee boxcar in HO. A route will be many actual miles of railroad, usually come with a bevy of equimpment (engines and rolling stock), as well as "Activities" ("jobs") to work.

    There are other train game/simulator programs out there, but I have stayed with MSTS because:

    1. I understand it thoroughly.
    2. I have all the needed tools to create my own stuff. (Buildings, trees, etc.)
    3. I have a TON of early era engines and equipment that just isn't available in the other formats.


    It doesn't take as robust a computer to run MSTS as it does some of the more recent train games. In fact, it prefers XP as an operating system and 32 bit processors. The main elements for good performance for MSTS is a fast CPU and a decent video card. The latest greatest video cards really don't do a lot to make MSTS "faster", but it does help smooth the edges of models so they look nicer. In fact, Win 7 and 64 bit processors introduce a bit of complication in regards to installation of programs that use 32 bit installers.


    Thanks. I thoroughly enjoy the "cost effectiveness" of V scale (i.e. CHEAP). Once you have the tools (programs) and the skills, time is all it takes to continue enjoying the hobby and create goodies for it. I have essentially spent 0 dollars on V scale for ??? years.


    And now a look at the remaining roster of the 50 class that's still in their original paint schemes...
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    Default Re: Early Frisco Steam!

    Hello Friend,

    Just joined, and hope to know more from others who share the same passion for the Railroad. Images look great, and I take it thats the right color scheme, for the Engine 52. I have photographed some of the Engine ( 19 ) which was restored ny the Frisco Heritage Assocition, but never thought much about the colors. I will find out more about the Train, and maybe some of those here may know more about it. I truely look forward to getting to know you. and your friends. Happy trails, until we meet again....Darrell

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    Default Re: Early Frisco Steam!

    Hi Frog!

    Welcome aboard! This is THE place to learn about the Frisco. My knowledge base concerning the line has expanded tremendously because of the generous sharing of knowledge that takes place here. Oh... and there's also some pretty good BS among friends that takes place, too!

    First, let me clarify all I did was take the model that was originally lettered for a freelance project and relettered it (and added a few paint details) to return it to Frisco's "as delivered" look. I researched the font that Rogers used, and proceeded accordingly.

    As for the colors: The original model, and the color scheme on the original model, was created by a very noted early steam historian that models in 3D (V scale). His name is Jon Davis. Jon's work is so exceptional and accurate that he is involved with steam engine restorations for musuems and historicial societies that want to insure historical accuracy in their efforts.

    I say that to say this: When you're looking at this particular model, you are indeed seeing an accuarate as practical V scale version of the Frisco's Rogers 4-6-0's #50-55 as delivered from Rogers in 1880. Rolling history in virtual. That's one of the things I love about V scale: The ability to recreate history.

    BUT... not only do I get to recreate history. I then get to hop into that virtual cab (air pump panting, steam hissing), hang my head out the cab window (if Iwant)... shove the reverser forward... start notching out the throttle... while releasing the brakes. Movement begins as the engine snorts to life... and I am now facing very similar challenges of getting the train over the virtual rails that my counterparts did some 124 years ago. You ought to descend Boston Mountain south out of Winslow with a heavy train and lousy 1880's air brakes (simulated)!


    Here's a pic of #55 taken at my version of Seligman. This pic was taken on a route I built in 2004, so my skills have improved as well as my V scale modeling ability. The current route I'm working on is a Frisco MEGA-ROUTE that so far includes:

    The rails extend to the north from Fort Smith/Van Buren as far as Rogers, AR. (Rails to eventually reach Monett.) Also included in this portion is the entire St. Paul Branch.

    All Frisco rails in Van Buren and Fort Smith are represented, and the rail network at Fort Smith and Van Buren also include the rails of the Iron Mountain & Southern (later Missouri Pacific), and at Fort Smith the Kansas Pittsburg & Gulf (later KCS), as well as other lines.

    The rails south out of Fort Smith, AR extend into the Coal Belt region (Sebastian County, AR) and also contain all rails of the Iron Mountain and Midland Valley.

    The south main rails have reached south of Wister, OK and nearing a place called "Caston". The rails will eventually reach Talihina, I.T. (Oklahoma).

    Given the period I am choosing to model (late 1880's), the Sub Divison points will be:

    * Monett, MO, to Chester, AR.
    * Chester, AR to Talihina I.T.
    * Mansfield Branch.
    * St. Paul Branch.

    Thrown in among the above will be enough rail to also operate sub divisions on the Iron Mountain and Midland Valley.

    It's huge. I consider my large virtual "model railroad". That is, it will never be fully "finished"... but I will entertain myself by working on aspects of it over the coming years. Should a portion get completed enough to consider "finished", I'll package it up and offer to others... adding completed portions to it as they're finished.

    It's a hobby!
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    Default Re: Early Frisco Steam!

    They look really good Coonskin!

    I've been wanting to reskin any of Ben Neal's steam locos for Trainz that the SLSF might have used. Here's a couple of links to his incredible work for Trainz:

    If anyone knows if any of the locos on his site might be a good candidate for an Frisco reskin please let me know.

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