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Thread: GP38 666 or BNSF 2337 Video

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    Default GP38 666 or BNSF 2337 Video

    Not my video but I recognized 2337 as a Frisco survivor and wanted to pass it on. Good to see one of these thirty year old work horses still in Class One revenue service

    Howard @ MP 195

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    Default Re: GP38 666 or BNSF 2337 Video

    Thanks for sharing this. I always knew the Frisco had a locomotive with (what the general crowd considers) the satanic number on it. I've even seen it in real life in Frisco colors in the KC area as well as the Ozarks. I'm sure that every railroad has had that number on one of their locomotives at one time. I have a die cast Marx steam engine with that number on it as well. I'm still going to keep the locomotive regardless.

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