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Thread: Frisco U30C What If

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Its a little red but pretty close to what a Frisco U30C would have looked like.

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    I remember asking Mr. O. H. Summers, Frisco's CMO-MP, if they were considering obtaining any C-C U-Boats, as in a previous conversation he had said they were fairly happy with the B-B U30b's they had. He explained that they were not, as the C-C U-Boats were great heavy tonnage "luggers", which was not a particular need the Frisco had at that time. They liked the high HP SD45's mainly for their speed, not their heavy tonnage abilities. GE's were better at the slow, heavy stuff.

    But, later on, the Frisco did get the SD40-2's, initially for coal train service.

    Would have been neat to see, and hear, a gaggle of U30c's chugging up Iron Hill though!


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    I've always wondered about these too. Be a cool what if project.

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    Music to my ears was switching for John Santa Fe in the old East Dallas Yard (now a DART facility) and witnessing a trio of Frisco SD45s working up grade into our yard from the Trinity River Bottoms with a train of Oklahoma coal destined for Lone Star Steel in E. Texas. The rails were well sanded! Item: The local Frisco interchange from Irving still sported a wooden hack with kerosene markers. Great 1970s railfanning!

    U30C´s on the same train really would have put on a show at that!

    Joe Toth
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