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    The Athearn USRA Mike is gone and the next item up is this Proto 2000 USRA 0-6-0 switcher which I have done a few things to detail her up and have added an old Digitrax decoder for DCC. Also corrected the oversize numbers on the tender.
    As before, make me an offer I can't refuse via PM by 5 o'clock Friday and she's yours.
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    Don Wirth
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    For anyone that may be considering this locomotive, Don has taken what is already a fine running locomotive and added that good old Wirth touch; attention to detail that separates the exceptional from the commonplace. I already have two of this series (one more than I really need) otherwise I would jump on this one. The only thing better than what Don is offering would be this offering plus Tsunami sound already installed.
    Keith Robinson
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