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Thread: Frisco E8's in "O" Scale

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    All of the Key "O" Scale Late E units arrived last year and were sold out on arrival. I did some exclusive Paint Schemes, Frisco E7's & E8's, MP E7's, CN E8's, Rock Island Red & Yellow E's, Southern E8's with the air tanks on the roof, etc. You can see a few photos on Key's web site.

    I just discovered that if you chick on the small Thumbnails they blow up to full size.

    Roger Lewis
    Wasatch Model Company
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    I produced 8 'O' Scale Fricso E8's last year with Key models, each with a unique name. First and Last time they will ever be produced in 'O' Scale.

    Roger Lewis
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    Default Key Models

    These were produced a year ago and are long gone.
    Keith Robinson
    KC, MO North
    Ship It on the Frisco!

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    They were only built to known reservations.


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