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    Does anyone know if the WTA had it's own motive power, or did they use loaners from the 4 owner roads?

    Also, can anyone provide info on how they interchanged with the SLSF or other Wichita roads? Did they simply spot cars at the interchange, or did they operate transfers directly into the owner road yards?

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    As far as the power situation goes, each owner road loaned power to the WTA, it is still the same today. Not sure the time frame on how long each roads power was assigned. I believe that each road took its interchange traffic to the WTA and picked up anything for them but that needs confirmed. Today, the KO, which I work for, gives our WTA traffic to either the BNSF or the UP who then forwards it to the WTA. Same thing getting the empties back.

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    I believe the loaned power to the WTA was for a month at a time, then the next month, another road loaned poweer to the WTA.
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    Today, it gets power from the BN or the UP on a yearly assignment. As John pointed out, the KO typically will give traffic to the WTA at the Santa Fe Yard in North Wichita, or will yard it where the BNSF will hand it off to the WTA.

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    The WTA was formed in 1889 as Wichita Union Stockyards & Packing House Tracks Assn. It was a private operation owned by the stockyards and packing compaines. The company operated its own eng. In 1903 the city rrs went to partnership w/the industries and the company became Wichita Terminal Ry. It was managed by Mopac on a joint switching operation. Interestingly the first eng used by WTR was a Frisco. On 2/1/1910 the four city rrs bought out the interests of the stockyards and packing concerns ownership and reformed the company as Wichita Term Assn. One official from each of the rrs would serve on the WTA director board. At first plans were to acquire its own eng fleet but this never did take place. Instead each company would lend power to WTA on a scheduled rotation which length has changed over the generations. This arrangement between BNSF & UP continues to this day. Sometime in the 50's, Frisco engs were no longer used by WTA and it is said that SF would take over when it would have been Frisco's turn. I lived directly across the st from WTA lines in the 60-70's and never ever witnessed a Frisco eng there. With exception of very few changes WTA remains the same format for the past century

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