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    Engineer Working on Layouts forum...changes

    Howdy folks,

    We've renamed the Layouts forum to FMIG Lines: Layouts in honor of Doug Hughes' very successful newsletters about Frisco layouts.

    The Layouts forum has several new subforums including General (general layout topics), Operations (operating layouts), Freelance (freelanced layouts with a Frisco flare), and Divisions (layouts oriented towards prototypical divisions or areas on the Frisco). I started moving threads into the new forums; however, there is a pointer to the new location of the thread in its original area that will expire in a month. That should give folks enough time to get used to the new location of their posts.

    If you have other ideas for subforums you'd like added to FMIG Lines: Layouts, please respond to this message in this subforum.

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    Since Operations crosses the boundaries of layout types, maybe the Operations forum should be more generic outside of the types. The Operations forum would be aimed at discussing the aspects of setting up operations on any layout.

    I tend to view layouts as one of four types; Freelance, Single Point, Sub-Division, and Division layouts. The Single Point would be a layout that covers a very small area; a single town/city or section of a town/city. A Sub-Division layout would include more area than a single town/city. The Division type models as much as possible of an entire division.
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