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Thread: wanted to buy Texas Special kits-- By American Standard

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    Default wanted to buy Texas Special kits-- By American Standard

    Hello: Still looking for these kits. If you have extras please contact me.

    Hello looking to buy the following O scale car kits by American Standard Car or American lightweight Car CO.

    I prefer kit form, but would consider built up depending on condition.
    Need the following----MK&T and Frisco Texas Special

    Kit # 7536 RPO Mail Baggage 1948
    # 7537 Coaches 1948
    # 4153 14 4 Sleeper 1948
    # 7542 Dormitory coach 1948
    # 7541 Obs 1DR 2 BR 1948
    # 7541a Obs Diner Lounge 1948
    #4099 6 6 4 sleeper 1942 AKA (IC MP SF )

    If you can help or know some one who wants to part with extra's please contact me off the list via email at the following addy

    Thanks william

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    Default Re: wanted to buy Texas Special kits-- By American Standard

    Howdy William,

    This may interest you and other O scalers.

    OK Engines,, has introduced aluminum passenger cars in O scale! They currently offer Budd cars and smooth sided Pullman-Standards. Stainless steel struted side cars are in the works. The big news is that OK will stamp any window design that the customer demands for an additional fee. Their prices are much less than most plasic streamliner cars in O scale and you can obtain a set of prototypically correct cars for any train you so desire! They are Made in the USA too!!!

    Joe Toth
    The Trinity River Bottoms Boomer
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    Joseph Toth
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    Default Re: wanted to buy Texas Special kits-- By American Standard

    There is a ton of Texas Special stuff on eBay in O scale. Lots of Williams (old) and others. Just thought I'd pass along since I did a search for you.
    YesteRRails L.L.C., Owner/Operator
    San Antonio & Aransas Pass Railroad (1884-1925)
    San Antonio, Fredericksburg & Northern Railway (1913-1917)
    "Reflecting the Frisco influence in the railroads of the Texas Hill Country"

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